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    Complex need - is it even possible

    SimonWarner Level 1
      Sorry for the broad topic but I'm in desperate need of advice. Most of
      my work is in InDesign and with web pages, so I'm totally out of my
      depth here. I have Adobe CS with livecycle designer.

      What my boss wants is for me to produce hundreds of personalised forms
      to be emailed to a client list from a data list. So each form must be
      linked to an email address.
      Then for each client to correct their details and email the form back.
      Then for the forms to be forwarded to team leaders for reference.

      I cannot see how to do this with livecycle. It will get the data to make
      the form, but then what.

      So what software is available to do something like this. Are we barking
      up the wrong tree entirely.
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          There are a couple of ways you could do it with Designer.

          One would be to have the form connect ask the user for their name, and then connect to a web service and populate the form's information from that... Another would be to use the LiveCycle server products to create a PDF from the result of merging the form and the data and send that out.

          These sound like they might be overkill for your application, if this is a one-time thing.

          One way you could do it would be to use something like Word's mail merge to generate a cover page with their current information, and include a change of address form and mail them both out.

          Adobe Systems
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            SimonWarner Level 1

            Thanks. I was thinking of enabling commenting on the forms created from
            InDesign. Would that work maybe?

            Whatever I do is there a way to automate the emailing, or file naming
            based on unique data in each form.

            Everything seems to suggest this is a database project, but the reason
            I'm doing it is because the database folks are too busy with more
            important things to implement this. I'm supposed to come up with a
            simple alternative.
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              I have the same need, here are inexpensive products you can use (this is based on having a multi page pdf with the data for each unique instance on its own page.

              Firstly, you can use A-PDF Page Cut [$27] (http://a-pdf.com/page-cut/index.htm ) to break up your half pages PDF file; then use A-PDF Merger (http://a-pdf.com/merger/index.htm [also $27]) to merge two PDF files together; lastly, use A-PDF AutoMail (http://a-pdf.com/automail/index.htm [$49]) to send all PDF files to your recipients at the same time based on extract mail addresses from PDF files.