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    Grainy Video!  Yikes!



      HELP! I shot a wedding last night and for some reason, right during the ceremony, the gain decided to kick on (I didn't turn it on, not sure what happened). Are there any suggestions for filters in PP CS5 to make the video less grainy?

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is your best option;


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            Only guess that I have for what "turned on," would be that you were right at the cut-off point for clean recording and then the lighting level dropped a few Lux and a feature in the camera kicked in, to get you footage, but at the cost of some Video Noise.


            I agree with Ann's suggestion to use Neat Video. It works very well, and is worth the $, when needed. Adjusting the Effect will take a bit of tweaking and monitoring (just Render that area, using the WAB) and look closely. Processing time will go up a bit, but I find the results to be very good. If you are doing other Effects, say Highlight & Shadow, Levels, etc., apply those first, and then Neat Video. You might need to go back to those other Effects and tweak them again. Last, look at adding a touch of Unsharp Mask, as the last Effect. Go lightly and study carefully. Remember, with many Effects, their order does matter.


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            PS - do not know if Neat Video has a 64-bit version out yet, but check that out and do use the trial to make sure that all works fine in CS5 on your system.