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    Still need Pitstop for Acrobat?


      Currently we're using Acrobat 7.1 and Pistop 6.52 to convert and check our own PDFs and client PDFs. As we ponder finally upgrading, we're wondering if we still need Pitstop or can we get by with Acrobat?


      We use Pitstop to convert RGB and CMYK ads to B&W and to ensure that CMYK ads are really CMYK, using the convert color option.


      We also run Preflight tests to ensure that the PDFs that clients send and that we make don't have problems.


      Can Acrobat 9 replace these abilities and if so, which version?

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          I am not sure if AA9 Pro can replace PitStop, but the features you mentioned seem to be PreFlight for AA9 Pro. If you have a spare machine around, you might want to download the trail version and give it a try for your need. Note, I said spare machine. Folks often have some issues with removing the trial and such.