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    FP10.1 crash consistently across browsers on allow webcam

    Peter Elst

      I recently got a Sony VAIO VPC-EB1SE notebook running Windows 7 64-bit and have noticed that SWF content accessing the webcam crashes the browser. It happens when I click the allow button, also when I go to the webcam dialog in settings and click the image it crashes.


      This happens consistently across all browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.


      I've been researching the issue and have tried the various workarounds suggested. I have cleared local shared objects, set the storage to unlimited, I've renamed the bluetooth driver (BtwVdpCapFilter.dll) that in some cases seems to cause the issue, I've disabled hardware acceleration. I have updated the Sony driver that was linked to: http://dlv.update.sony.net/pub/vaio/download/EP0000166578/EP0000166578.exe



      None of these things have helped out. I have no other issues with Flash Player 10.1 that crash the browser except for accessing the webcam. I've tried rolling back to Flash Player 9 and that enables the webcam to be used in all browsers without crashing. Obviously though I'd like to be able run the latest Flash Player version.


      Would appreciate any pointers to help resolve this!



      - Peter