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    Presenter preloading problems

    Matt Schneck

      Wow, this forum is hidden really well!


      Anyway, I've got a bit of a pickle here that hopefully someone can help me out with.


      I just finished up a project in Flash that we want to imbed on separate frames of the presentation, which seems to have gone fine.  The problem that we're coming across is that, for some reason, despite the individual swf files being less than 500K apiece, users are having buffering problems while viewing the presentation.


      I'm looking for a way for the swf files to be preloaded by the presentation, rather than be loaded as the user gets to the slide the swf is present on.  There is a toggle to preload all of the frames, which we have switched on, but that doesn't seem to load the imbedded swfs.


      I'm somewhat desperate at this point.  I fully realize that Captivate can do the job for me, but my company wasn't willing to go away from the program it is comfortable with...sigh...


      Anyway, any help anyone can think of would be hugely appreciated.