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    How do I keep radio buttons from copying, scrambling and crashing the program?

    kaypent Level 1

      Hi, Everybody,


      I'm working on a project with 10 sets of 7 radio buttons.  The rest of the form seems to be okay, but when I try to do anything with radio buttons, everything goes wrong.


      when I select the seven buttons for a group and put them in a radio button group, frequently it copies and makes another set that I don't want.  Same when I select them to align them. 


      I make a radio button, resize it, and then make 6 copies... and end up with some in the group, and some not.  And I'm only on the third set of buttons and the last several times the program just locked up and I had to restart.


      I saved version 29 of the file (I'm saving frequently as you might imagine) and LiveCycle crashed.  When I opened version 29 it opened the New Form Assistant and after I pressed Next it produced a message box that said "Invalid PDF file."


      Is there an easier way to put a radio button and the text it goes to and have them align both vertically and horizontally?  The text was imported from a PDF that was created by Word... Do I need to put the text the radio button connects to in the radio button caption?


      If I was doing this in Word, I'd use a table... one 2-column row for radio button and text.


      Are there clear, step by step instructions for creating this radio button group with the aligned text somewhere.