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    Anybody have a clue?

    PiratesMoon Level 1
      Maybe this has been answered before, if so, please show me the light.

      "Unexpected failure while compositing bitmap member 2 or PLAYER-CAST 2"
      I get this alert and the dcr locks online locally when testing in a browser. If I test in the authoring environment everything tests perfectly. Last night in testing locally online in a browser everything worked perfectly; today, after restarting the computer, I get this alert when I click on the link that opens a 3D external cast member. I have 9 cast members, but I only get this alert on the final four (6,7,8,9) of the cast.

      The orginal files, in w3d, were imported into Director 10.1 and saved into a cct cast for web delivery, and I don't want to put these online until they work. No matter which of the 6,7,8,9 files I click on, I get the exact same failure quote above.

      This problem is associated with IE 6X and Director Shockwave. This problem does not appear in authoring environment testing.

      Any clues for solving this would be considered useful. Or, any link to Director Shockwave failure strings would be helpful.

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          PiratesMoon Level 1
          Problem solved. The problem is with Dreamweaver; when I do an f12 in Dreamweaver, Shockwave Director doesn't play so well (in my case). When I open in IE from the wwwroot folder, it works great.

          Am going to see if Dreamweaver 8 has an upgrade to fix this.