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    'Link Properties' Scripting Help Needed


      Hi there,


      I have used the 'Add Attachment' to insert a .pdf into an Acrobat file I am working on. I have then used the Link tool to succesfully add a link to this inserted .pdf and configured it so that when the link is clicked it opens in a new window.


      I would like to know if it is at all possible to control the size and shape of the new window that opens? Currently it always opens as a fully maximised window.


      I suspect this is possible by using 'Add an Acton' within Link Properties to add 'Run a JavaScript' after the 'Go to a page in another document' action.


      Unfortunately I have no idea what script to put in the JavaScript Editor to restore or minimise the newly opened .pdf window?


      Is anyone here able to help?


      Many thanks in advance