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    Help - Chrome Now Shows Adobe Fora @ 1/2 Size

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      Not sure if this is the fodder of this forum, but until pointed in another direction, I am posting my problem.

      Using Chrome (for about 1 year now) on XP-Pro PC. Suddenly yesterday (Aug 09), the display of the Adobe fora shrunk. I now see al bodyl text at about 4 pt. type. Everything is shrunken, and by about 1/2, or a little more. Other pages/fora display as always and the Adobe fora show up in IE properly sized. It is only Chrome and Adobe fora, where this display anomaly appear.

      I cannot rule out OE on my part, as things were just fine yesterday and as soon as I posted one reply, when the display came back to the thread - it was shrunken.


      The font sizes are as always, and this affects everything, including the toolbar, graphics, everything.


      I have looked in the Tools section of Chrome for something to affect display, but cannot find it. Again, this is ONLY with the Adobe fora, and ONLY in Chrome.


      Does anyone have any ideas, or places to check?


      All other displays, including all Adobe programs, work just fine, and exactly as before. This seems totally isolated.






      PS - I am now going blind trying to read the 3 - 4 pt. displayed type!