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    Inspecting test tree


      When I run FlexPMD 1.1 via Maven, it only checks the main source tree (src/main/flex).  How can I get it to also check the test source tree (src/test/flex)?

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          In your POM you can add a configuration option:



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            gwright10 Level 1

            Tried that.  Build breaks and I get:


            [INFO] Error configuring: com.adobe.ac:flex-pmd-maven-plugin. Reason: ERROR: Can not override read-only parameter: sourceDirectory in goal: flex-pmd:report

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              Xavier Agnetti Adobe Employee

              We removed the read-only flag on this parameter. It is still  defaulted to the build sourceDirectory though.

              Tom's solution would now work then.


              The trunk and the snapshot repository have been updated.





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                gwright10 Level 1

                This works as far as running the rules, but the pmd.xml reports the packages wrong (they all start with main.flex or test.flex).  Not a huge deal -- I can just add two executions, but then I'll end up with two files.