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    Assign Multiple Tasks

    The Flex Viking Level 1

      I am using Flex to make my forms and am looking at the Assign Multiple Tasks activity to provide some concurrent task functionality.  A limitation I am running across is that the XML provided to each participant in the activity is identical.


      I am simplifying my problem, but assume I have 5 participants in the UserList that I assign to the Assign Multiple Tasks activity.  Assume I pass the following XML to the Flex form.  I want each participant to manipulate 1 of the <Data /> elements.  Which one?


      <Data />

      <Data />

      <Data />

      <Data />

      <Data />


      In ES1, because I created the concurrency mechanism myself, I was able to set special "information" in the XML that was passed into each task (Flex form).  Say, I added an <Index /> tag which was a number between 1-5.  If the Index was 3, I would manipulate the 3rd Data element.  Yes, I could of inserted user information under each <Data /> element to provide the link between the XML and the logged on user, but what happens when a task gets forwarded.  In ES1, when a task gets forwarded, you have no idea who forwarded it to you programmatically, thus breaking the link.


      This appears to be fixed in ES2.  I always seem to know who the "original" owner was.  But, I'd prefer to keep the role based system if I could.  But that will require that I use some mechanism to associate a particular <Data /> element with the task.  Anyone have any brilliant ideas?

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          Steve Bishop Level 2

          I also created my own version of multiple tasks prior to ES2 and also used an index so that each user would update the appropriate data. I was curious about the new functionality, but was already skeptical it would support everything I did. Based on your post, I know there is another issue. My custom solution also has a custom render which pulls the latest 'master copy'. So if user A enters data and submits then User B opens his task a few seconds later, he will see As data. I am guessing the Assign Multiple Tasks does not do that. I am thinking it's not broke so I won't fix it. Trying to change will probably add more work for me.


          You might consider going back to your custom work if it did the job.

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            Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

            You are correct. The Assign Multiple Task service will give a copy of the data to each user. They won't see each other's data.