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    Adobe Reader 9 doesnt render font size's smaller that 6

    Adam Nowlin

      I have Adobe Reader 9 and Adobe Acrobat 8 installed on my computer.


      When i try to open a pdf that has a font size of 5 or smaller doesnt matter which font it is it will cut half of the text off in Adobe reader 9.  This seems to be a problem with Adobe Reader 9 cause i have multiple computers here at my office that are running adobe reader 9 and they also cannot see all of there text if it is font size 5 or smaller.


      When i open this exact same pdf in adobe acrobat 8 it renders the font size 5 text.


      Is there a font library or pack that i can download to solve this problem for adobe reader 9.

      The reason i ask is because i have clients that are using adobe reader 9 that need to be able to see these pdf's.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.



      Adam Nowlin