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    How Do I add fonts to CS5


      Im opening a file in Illustrator and the fonts hardrock, rusted plastic, and alpaca54 dont open.... The file was done in AI CS4 and the fonts show up open fine in photoshop... I have the design suite can they share fonts or how can i get these fonts?

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          markerline Level 4

          You mention that they show up in Photoshop CS4 but you don't mention whether they show up in Adobe Illustrator CS4.  If they are visible in Photoshop they may have been rasterized which is why you can see them.  Check to see if the text is on a Text layer and if you can change the size and font type in Photoshop and then post back.

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            tverges28 Level 1

            It actually shows up in my photoshop cs5 but someone did the art in cs4.... Its on a background layer and do any editing to it in photoshop..

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              tverges28 Level 1

              I cant do any editing

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                Since you can't edit the font that means it has been rasterized and embedded into the document.  This means that you will not be able to edit it in Illustrator directly.  What you could try is to "Place..." the photoshop document into Illustrator and perform a Live Trace.  But if you want to edit the font characters you will have to manually replicate them.  If the fonts in question are +properly+ installed on your machine then Adobe Illustrator will list them in the font menu.  One note is that a font name might be known to you by a particular moniker but be listed in Illustrator with a different name, such as a name prefix like ICG or ITC or Monotype or something like that which means you might not be able to find it alphabetically the way you are thinking of.

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                  tverges28 Level 1

                  It doesnt show the font when I try to open a new file and it shows the font with an asterick behind it when viewing the document but changed it to a different font and doesnt actually show the real font...  I can edit it in illustrator but cant I need the proper fonts to finish the document

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                    That means you need to download by purchasing or simply downloading if they are free fonts:



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                      Tahnk you much after I download how do I add them to illustrator?

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                        Some fonts are free.  Others are not.  Be careful where you download from because some sites might have malware on them that could damage your operating system.  If you are on a Windows machine you need to copy the .otf or .ttf file to C:\Windows\Fonts but don't just copy them.  Use Windows Explorer to navigate to that page and then from the menu options choose "Install Font" or something to that effect to properly install it on the system.  Once you do that the font will automatically be recognized by Illustrator.  you may have to restart Illustrator for the changes to take effect, but you won't have to restart the computer--they're simply fonts, not program applications.  If you're on a Mac I can't really tell you where to install fonts to but there is a Fonts folder on Mac OSX systems so there should be a way to install fonts into that folder.  Then once it's done you just boot Illustrator and voila--your fonts will show up.

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                          If you're on a Mac, place the fonts in the "Fonts" folder of your user "Library" folder.


                          From the sounds of it, you are not using a Font Management program such as Suitcase. And once you install the fonts, it will be available for all your programs and not just Illustrator.

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                            Suitcase Fusion is good for Macs.  For Windows use FontExpert.  I have FontExpert 2009 but there must be a 2010 version out there.

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                              For Mac, putting the .ttf in username ---> Library --> Fonts is exactly what I needed to know - that made it available as a font selection in CS5. Thanks!

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                                tnviator Level 1

                                I'm experiencing a related font issue in Illustrator: I'm unable to embed fonts in a PDF using Illustrator CS5.5 (Mac OS X 10.7). An Illustrator message says that their is a licensing restriction that prevents embedding the fonts in the PDF. The original ttf and otf fonts were initially purchased for a Windows machine years ago, and many of them came with Illustrator. I've embedded fonts in a PDF using Illustrator (on the Windows side) without a problem for many years.

                                Is this a font installation issue? Since the "installation" process is different for a mac, is it possible the fonts were not "activated" when they were copied to the library/fonts folder? The fonts do appear in the illustrator file, but not the PDF.

                                Could this be a Distiller issue? Is Distiller involved when Illustrator saves to a PDF?