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    DW CS3 template issues....Please help


      I have had this problem before and checked how it was fixed. The solution did not work this time so now I am stumped.


      I have a site with 2 master templates and a total of 39 child pages. One of the templates was actually created from the first master template. I have an image that I change on a pretty regular basis on the master template file. I change the image, click save and put all the files. It updates all 39 files (including the second master template titled mastertemplate3). I view the pages in DW and the image is changed. When I view the webpage on IE or Firefox, the image is NOT changed. I have tried syncronizing the pages and that is not working.  I am totally confused why all of a sudden my image will not upload.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?


      BTW - the image is NOT in an editable region so that is not the problem.