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    Fuzzy, blurry screenshots in IE8




      My SWFs look fine in Mozilla, but Internet Explorer v8 make them fuzzy, like low-resolution images. The fonts are blurry, like they've been soaking in water.


      Anyone know a fix for this or why it's occurring?




      PS: This is the slowest web site on the planet. It takes about 3 minutes to load each page. I wish there were another forum for Captivate.

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          Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

          It's likely a rendering option in IE8...I'd guess. The CP-published SWF file isn't going to change how it renders itself based

          on the browser... I guess it could be a difference between the Flash players. Are they the same between browsers?

          Can you check this on other computers?


          There is a CP forum on Linked-In that's decent...as an additional resource. Gotta register with LinkedIn though ;-)


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            I'm having that same problem. The only solution I've been able to find is to, either in your html or inside your flash files, set the swf to not scale. For html, that means adding the property scale="noscale".


            However, I wish there was another fix because I'd still like my swfs to scale along with the rest of a page if a user zooms in.

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              Judy_A Level 1



              We had the same issue, and were able to eleviate it by turning off the anti-alias.


              Go to Edit > Preferences; Open the Project options, select SWF Size and Quality. In the top section under General, uncheck the Anti-alias transparent captions.


              Hope this works for you.



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                tisocineo Level 1

                The particular project I noticed this on was built using CP2, which has no such options.


                I did, however, finally manage to find the cause of my own version of the IE8 blurry problem. When I resized my browser, I noticed that the swf was switching between blurry and crisp depending on the width. I believe it's a problem with IE8 and the center tag used in the html spit out by Captivate. It's doing something strange when trying to calculate the centered position and accidentally scaling the swf. I had no problems after embedding the swf in my production html, which uses containers with well-defined positions and other css magic to do the centering.

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                  Sam Powter

                  For me, the scaling hint worked, thanks for that, guys.

                  Just add the so.addParam("scale", "noscale"); to the list of parameters in the html file that calls the swf, and that't it!

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                    Diana Gurzadyan

                    I have just tried with the older Captivate 2 version, and the blurring problem on IE8 seems to be gone...

                    I guess, latest captivate is not dedicated to IE, but to other browsers.