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    Using ColdFusion Builder with ColdFusion 8

    BrianO Level 1

      My client is using CF8.1 with SQL Server 2005 in our dev and production Windows environments with the latest version of Dreamweaver. We don't know when we will be allowed to use CF9.

      1) CF Builder has features I'd like to take advantage of, however I read  that it is highly integrated with CF9. Does this mean I should  just wait?

      2) What issues would I run into if I installed the latest version of CF Builder onto my Win PC and tried to develop with CF8 and passed my files into Dreamweaver and published out to our CF8 server environments?

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          I do all of my development on CFB, and do not use CF9.  We're still on CF8 (and CFMX7 for one client), and will not be looking to move to CF9 until after the first updater has been released.


          CFB works fine with CF8.  At the end of the day, it's "just" a text editor with some added CF functionality.




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            cheftimo Level 2

            I too am doing my work in CF8. I have to wait for my hosting provider to offer CF9 – they are great, but usually slow in upgrading to the latest CF server. I have:

            Windows XP Pro SP3;

            CF 8 running under IIS (localhost).


            I just upgraded to Flash Builder 4, which included CF Builder. I am having a tough time running a CF project. No matter what I do, when I attempt to run a .cfm template, I get this error:


            Selected file is not in the document root of the server. If the project is not in the document root, create a linked folder to the document root”.


            I have tried creating that linked folder, browsing to the folder that contains the template I want to run, but still get the same error message.


            I have also tried:


            1.    recreating the same CF project in a folder directly under wwwroot;

            2.    adding a mapping in the CF Administrator.


            Neither of the above workes; I get the same error.


            So I find myself using Dreamweaver to run the file, which I thought I could avoid by having CF Builder in my Flash Builder IDE.


            Am I missing something, or does this just not work with CF8?


            I would greatly appreciate any ideas. Best regards,



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              Hi, I get the same error message. Did you ever resolve this?




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                Binh T



                I had the same problem and tried the linked folder and all that and was still getting the error.


                Then I found this site




                from Ben Forta and followed the instructions.


                Here is what Ben said about setting up the project location:


                "By default, Eclipse stores projects in a workspace folder, and these are typically not under the web root. For ColdFusion development, especially when working with a local development server, this is not optimal. So, uncheck the Use Default Location, and enter the path for your project in the Project Location field. The folder should be under the ColdFusion web root, and you may need to actually create a new folder."


                It took me a while but I found out what I did wrong.


                I created the project before I added the server.


                When you do that the project is placed in the workspace and it is not under the web root.


                When you go into the project property, there is no option to uncheck the default location.


                However, if you delete the old project or close it and start over and create a new one, that is when you will see the check box to not use the default location in the workspace.

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                  KeithGWilliams Level 1

                  Hi, many thanks, I just found the same tutorial and it fixed my problem. I am still confused by the term "not optimal" - is this a euphemism for "will not work under any circumstances"?



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                    Binh T Level 1



                    I'm pretty new to this too.  I am in the process of learning it by myself and don't know a whole lot either.

                    My guess is it is not optimal because if you don't have it under the web root, then you will have to some how move the code page to the cf web server, by either copying it and placing it there or by deploying the project or page, which would require extra steps.



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                      rfairman1967 Level 1

                      I just had a frustrating 2 days because of this as well.


                      I had to MANUALLY create a folder in the C:/Coldfusion9/wwwwroot/CFIDE directory, then UNCHECK the default setting, then map to it.


                      It worked finally. Thank you for this post that pointed me in the right direction.