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    How to override child node controls in a Flex Tree control

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      I am currently developing a dynamic LineChart in FLEX 4. I am implementing a Tree control next to my LineChart, which will filter the LineChart dataprovider and lineseries. The tree control has several branches and ultimately 5 children (leaf nodes) at the bottom of the last branch.


      I need the leaf node/children to be displayed as checkboxes inside the tree control. As I understand, this will require overrides in the TreeItemRenderer class. This is where I am a little confused on how to implement that.


      Currently I can distinguish between leaf and branches using this code, in my main MXML component. I added this because it may be helpful to some beginning FLEX developers, such as myself, who cannot easily find this functionality documented well:


                      private function treeClick(e:ListEvent):void {
                      _selectedItem = Tree(e.currentTarget).selectedItem;
                      if(mainTree.dataDescriptor.isBranch(_selectedItem)) {
                          Alert.show('branch click');
                      else {
                          Alert.show('leaf node click');


      I am looking at the TreeItemRenderer override class from the following example here: http://www.sephiroth.it/file_detail.php?id=151


      In the example, they override the "createChildden" super function to add checkboxes to the tree control.


      My question is, **can I override the createChildren function directly in my MXML component, and not have to use an entire class file to override this functionality? Must I re-invent the wheel to do this?**


      **Also, how can I distinguish that my treeItem is a leaf node and not a parent, in the override function?** I only want to add checkboxes to the leaf nodes, how can I differentiate? The following example adds checkboxes to all branches and leaf nodes, but I want to add checkboxes only to leaf node/children. How would you approach that?


                  override protected function createChildren( ): void
                      super.createChildren( );
                      if( !_checkbox )
                          _checkbox = new CheckBoxExtended( );
                          _checkbox.allow3StateForUser = false;
                          _checkbox.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, onCheckboxClick );
                          addChild( _checkbox );