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    Turn Off Scroll Wheel Zooming

    kdb10000 Level 1

      I need to turn off the scroll wheel zooming in After Effects. If I am looking at a Comp window and I scroll with my mouse, the view zooms in or out. I don't want to do this, especially because I have a Magic Mouse and any stray movement suddenly zooms my window. It's a realy problem. Can I turn this "feature" off?


      iMac i7 running Mac OS X 10.6.2

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No, can't do. This is all hard-coded. Just buy yourself a different mouse. Macs can even handle any USB mice and you can get good ones for 20 bucks.



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            jhhhh1 Level 1

            NO, I like using this mouse. What sort of idiot hard codes such a non-standard behaviour.

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              This is a goof right? That's the answer? "Get a new mouse" is the frakin' answer!?

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                Seriously? I just spent $2600 on your buggy, backwards software, and your response to our issue is to recommend that we go and find a different mouse to use?


                What if we love using our current mouse?


                And Adobe wonders why people hate on them so much...

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The problem is with Apple not Adobe on this one. I have several apps that are difficult and frustrating to use with the Magic Mouse. My standard mouse has software specific functions you can assign to buttons and behaviors from the System Preferences. For each app I use I have assigned mouse behaviors for the most common keyboard shortcuts. For example in AE I never have to go to the tool bar or remember the keyboard shortcuts for the pen tool, the roto brush, the selection tool, new layer or the type tool. These functions are assigned to the mouse buttons. The scroll wheel has no effect on the scale of my comp window because I turned off that function in the mouse configuration settings in the system preferences. The same goes for all of my Adobe apps. I seldom have to click on a tool bar or go to a menu to run my normal workflow because I assign one of the 12 mouse buttons to 12 of my most common tasks.


                  In Apple Mail (which I think is a real pain to use with a Magic Mouse) I can read, delete, save attachments, organize to folders, and organize my mail without ever pointing to a specific message or touching the keyboard because every action that I take except answering or composing a new message has been assigned to a button.


                  Apple created some nice functionality in the Magic mouse, but without the ability to customize the mouse on an app by app basis you're always going to run into behaviors that slow you down or frustrate. The magic mouse even frustrates me in Final Cut because it's always doing things that I don't expect.Don't blame Adobe for Apples shortcoming.

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                    dmccullum Level 1

                    ...Except that I love my Magic Mouse and I don't have any problem with it except in the Adobe apps. And I don't need or want a 12 button mouse—I have a 104 button keyboard for that stuff. And finally, Apple has rarely if ever compromised my user experience due to laziness or poor cross-platform coding, while Adobe has...http://adobegripes.tumblr.com/... So, yeah, I still blame Adobe.

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                      jhhhh1 Level 1

                      The Magic Mouse works absolutely fine in Apple Mail, don't spout such nonsense unless you actually use one.


                      The only applications I have had trouble with the Magic Mouse is Adobe apps and Cinema4D, Photoshop CS5 now scrolls like treacle http://adobegripes.tumblr.com/post/637696077/photoshop-magic-mouse-scrolling-cs4-vs-cs5-yo u when CS4 worked beautifully.

                      While both After Effects and C4D have terrible 100% hard coded scroll wheel zooms. Personally I think the ball is firmly in Adobes court to allow the user to control the ability of the scroll wheel in their application, why should I have to turn scrolling off completely when scrolling panels in After Effects works fine. To suggest Apple should include a preference pane to customise scrolling in every single application on your computer is ridiculous when you can count the apps at fault on 1 hand.


                      You can keep your 12 button mouse, I don't want RSI and consider less to be better in this case.

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                        Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Didn't mean to start a war here. Point was that Apple, unlike Logitech or even Microsoft, does not allow customization of mouse functions on an app by app basis. There are things that I really like about the Magic mouse, but I don't like it for apps like Photoshop, AE, C4D, or even mail, because I want to be able to do the things I do most often without reaching for the keyboard or drilling down a menu.


                        I don't much care for the scroll wheel zooming in AE so I turned it off on the Mouse Control Settings. Seems like a valid option to me. Customization of mouse functions should be IMHO in the mouse configuration, not on the app preferences.


                        For most Apple Apps the Magic Mouse is great. I use it all the time on my 13" MacBook Pro. I like the gestures idea, but browsing through, sorting, organizing, flagging more than 200 emails a day is a pain with any mouse that you can't assign functions like flag, delete, next message, or move directly to a button. I'd rather left click than  ctrl click or right click and dig through a menu just to flag a message.  I'd rather just move my finger slightly to the right and click the mute button on my mouse to delete an email than mouse way up to the delete button or reach for the delete key with my other hand. I'd rather just press the forward button with my thumb to save an attachment. It's just easier and I can get through my daily e-mail in about half the time.


                        Pick a workflow that you like but don't criticize me for setting up my system so that I don't have to move from the bottom right corner of the number two 30" monitor to the top left corner of the 30" number one monitor just to pick a tool. I set up my tools so that my work is easier, more productive and so that my hands don't ache at the end of the day.

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                          kdb10000 Level 1

                          Rick says:

                          "I don't much care for the scroll wheel zooming in AE so I turned it off  on the Mouse Control Settings. Seems like a valid option to me."


                          My original question was how to turn off Scroll Wheel Zooming in After Efects. Everyone says I can't. But you saying I can? How? Where are these "Mouse Control Settings" in After Effects?

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                            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            You don't, and IMHO shouldn't adjust mouse properties in the app. You adjust them in the mouse settings in the System Preferences. There are no mouse settings in AE.


                            Apple does not have app specific settings or the ability to turn off the scroll so you're stuck unless you want to use another mouse.

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                              kdb10000 Level 1

                              That is what I thought, but your previous posts left a little uncertainty, so I wanted to make sure.


                              I am back to begging Adobe to take off this "feature" so that people purchasing new Apple systems with the latest Apple mouse can actually use the program properly.


                              Even better, since CS5 really doesn't have much new over CS4, continual rounds of "Just Do It" updates of issues like these might make up for this lackluster release.

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                                dmccullum Level 1



                                I strongly disagree with you on this point. If the mouse behavior needs to be adjusted to work properly with an app, then the preferences to do so should be in the app itself. It is not Apple's job to make up for lazy coding on the part of Adobe or any other software company. Adobe's response to this issue, and similar responses to other issues, are setting it up for a major fallout the moment a roughly comparable application appears on the field. Case in point: Flash.

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                                  Words cannot express the profundity of my desire for a professional grade, MODERNIZED, Mac-centric graphics editing program! I am so tired of all the horrendous PC Windowisms constantly littered onto my system via Adobe. Adobe UIs are HIDEOUS! Would some company out there please hear us and save us from this tired, stunted ickyware!

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                                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    If you hate it don't buy it, don't use it. There are options at any price point you want.


                                    You might want to try Combustion (last updated in 2008) for about a grand,  Fusion at about at about $7K, Flame at somewhere in the low to medium six figures, or Inferno at a mid six figure price, or on the other end of the price point FX Home for about $150. I'm sure there are others. Your results may vary. Your satisfaction may vary. Your frustration level may vary.


                                    If you want to make suggestions or feature requests you'll find a form here. Adobe listens. That's why CS5 now access every GB of ram you can stuff into your machine....

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                                      David Wigforss Level 1

                                      I thought Fusion was Windows only...  Combustion has been discontinued, I thought. 


                                      Nuke is a possibility for OSX if you'd like to spend more than the entire CS suite. 


                                      You Mac users crack me up... 


                                      EDIT:  Haha.  Woops, I almost forgot Apple's own compositing and motion graphics programs: They discontinued Shake (where's that followup program?  Too busy working on Ipad apps?  Thanks for purchasing, eliminating windows version, and killing it altogether), so I guess you're left with Motion.  Have fun.  Cya.  Nice knowing you.

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                                        kdb10000 Level 1

                                        OK so I made the feature request as Rick suggested. It's nice to know that Adobe listens. Too bad they're not going to DO anything about it. But knowing that they "listen" helps to lessen my frustration. I love when corporations "handle" me. I don't think I will waste energy on hoping that they will make this a more inclusive features for all Macintosh users.

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                                          bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

                                          This zoom behavior bothered me too for a few months.

                                          I got over it; small price to pay for everything else I get out of AE.



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                                            kdb10000 Level 1

                                            Why should I have to pay ANY price in reduced usability? Why can't they make this NON-STANDARD behavior optional?

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                                              jhhhh1 Level 1

                                              This solves absolutely nothing.


                                              Also if I turned off the scroll wheel entirely in AE then I wouldn't be able to scroll the timeline which works fine with the Magic Mouse. The only thing that doesn't work is the ridiculous zoom behaviour.


                                              God even this textbox I'm typing into has had the standard OS right click behaviour destroyed so you can't auto-correct spelling mistakes in your browser.

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                                                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                The right click to correct spelling in this text box is overridden by the java than makes it possible to do live formatting. You'll see the same thing in any site that uses this engine for live formatting.


                                                The magic zoom behavior is annoying but would be completely fixable if Apple allowed full app by app mouse behavior customization. I have to admit that whenever I freelance on another system that is using any of the apple mice that the zoom behavior in the comp window is very annoying. It's only with my fully programmed mouse that I never see the problem.

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                                                  jhhhh1 Level 1

                                                  I don't see what there is to fix… They are called SCROLL wheels not zoom wheels, they should scroll as the default action and zoom as an option if you really want that so badly.


                                                  Yeah I know why this text box is broken, I just find it hilarious that someone invested time to program a spell checking function into this text box and all the useless formatting options (Text alignment? really? LOL) at the expense of the browsers standard functions (which should include a spell checker anyway these days)


                                                  Formatting functions don't even work by the way, just tried to right justify this post. Why bother including them at all

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                                                    Feh. If Adobe actually DID listen, they would have taken one of the following steps (in order of likelihood):

                                                    1. added all the features to Illustrator that FreeHand had 10 years ago that are STILL missing.
                                                    2. continued to update/upgrade FreeHand (not as stupid as it sounds...look at how many different clothes detergents Proctor & Gamble makes that compete with one another).
                                                    3. release the source code with a Creative Commons license, and allow developers to create an open source alternative to Illustrator (okay - THAT would be suicidal for illustrator, but a guy can dream).

                                                    I know a few things about the way Adobe (and all software companies for that matter) work. I worked for competitiors of theirs, and a company they acquired. Lots of friends still work there at Adobe.


                                                    Problem is, what we don't see as consumers is what REALLY goes on there - the jockeying for dominance by one product group over another, the limited resources and the constant battle for them between fixing what's broken (not a money-maker but helps the customers) or adding new features (attracts new customers but introduces more bugs). At Micrografx, we used to joke that a X.0 release was our "X.UH-oh" version. At one time tech support guys would ask each other, "did they want help with the "original recipe" or "extra buggy." But what really kills me is I have a lot invested in FreeHand. And it had features and functionality that is simply not in Illustrator, even now. That's insane. To make an analogy in another area, it's like GM buying Chrysler for their variable-speed transmission, and other cool technology, then discontinuing all the unique features and products, and continuing to sell the same old stuff. I realize that vector drawing is a mature category, but we deserve better than Illustrator.


                                                    Even worse is the Windows-centric nature of Adobe. Back in the day, Adobe was a Mac company, first and foremost. Their Windows products were...um...kind of a joke. Illustrator 1.0, for instance, cost $100 more than it's Mac counterpart, and could only PRINT in color...it couldn't display anything in color on the screen. (!) Somewhere along the way, someone made a decision to develop on Windows (with a huge advantage in overall market share, this makes financial sense) and port the code to Macs. That's a BIG mistake, because ported code is, by definition, bloated and unresponsive. It's a cost-effective way to do business...right up until your users wise up. Unfortunately, by going for the larger Windows market, Adobe's forgotten that in graphics, Macs are still the choice of a majority of graphics professionals.


                                                    How do they diss Macs? Let me count the ways: let's take video, for instance. Take a Mac and a PC. Equip both with the same CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive. See which one plays back video faster. Surprise! It's the PC. Why? Bloated code. Same is true for Flash. And Photoshop.


                                                    The only thing that allows Adobe to get away with listening to their bean counters instead of their customers is they have VERY little competition. In fact, where they DO have competition, they are (surprise again) competitive. Final Cut almost destroyed Premier. But Adobe got serious about improving Premiere, and today it's begining to win the hearts and minds of the Apple faithful.


                                                    As I see it, there are two solutions here. I'm good with either one.


                                                    1. Someone (like Apple) steps into to make quailty apps on the Mac that will make it a two horse race. Adobe will improve...or die.
                                                    2. Apple buys Adobe and folds CS6 into their software line, like Final Cut Pro and Logic Studio.


                                                    Don't care which happens. But I'm really very unhappy with the state of things as they are. So...Adobe...ARE you listening?

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                                                      Marc Rühl

                                                      I would call this hard-coding-stuff a bug. I have a Logitech Mouse and use ControlerMate to control its buttons.

                                                      There I disabled the mouse-wheel completely for After Effects and added some custom-shortcuts. Unfortunately After Effects just ignores my settings and interprets the mouse-wheel like the standard-configuration. And ControlerMate isn't a software which adds something after the action happened, it replaces the manufactures drivers.

                                                      • 25. Re: Turn Off Scroll Wheel Zooming

                                                        I'm just gonna go ahead and chime in here...

                                                        The work that most of us do with After Effects is so time consuming we don't have time to buy a new mouse, or change software, let alone boycott the company.


                                                        And let's face it. After Effects is awesome, despite many of its short-comings. However, Apple computers now come with Magic Mice. Also, they are amazingly useful devices. After Effects is the only program that becomes jittery to the point of unusability using this mouse and adds hours to a project just waiting for a frame to redraw after accidentally zooming in or way out to postage stamp size. There's more too. Those who have many open compositions: did you know you can scroll in the tab area to change which comp you're viewing? You didn't? A useless feature you say?


                                                        It's unacceptable that there is no option to turn off these bugs. You, developers, are wrong. I understand it's a lot easier to direct someone to alternative software suites instead of adding a checkbox. Maybe you can add it to your "Secret Menu" where everything else that makes the program actually usable is also stored.


                                                        Now that my three minute break is up, back to work!

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                                                          alan.helton2000 Level 1



                                                          Disable one finger scrolling.

                                                          • 27. Re: Turn Off Scroll Wheel Zooming

                                                            In the graphics programs I use -- AI, PS, IND -- the zoom problem doesn't occur when you simply swipe. Swipe-to-scroll is handy, and I wouldn't want to disable it system-wide or in any single application. The zoom problem occurs when you option-swipe. This is a problem because my left hand is constantly, almost involuntarily, working the shift-option-command keys, and at random times I happen to be pressing option while moving my fingers ever so subtly on the mouse, causing my screen to zoom out to birds-eye view; very irritating! MagicPrefs should have simply added a "disable option-swiping" checkbox to their otherwise brilliant bit of freeware.

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                                                              parker572 Level 1

                                                              This won't stop the scrolling, but the keyboard shortcut "Shift+/" will make the preview window zoom to fit. It's an easy command as those two buttons are right next to each other on the keyboard. It doesn't fix the problem, but it seems like the best way to quickly and easily return the preview window to normal. Also, just pressing "/" will zoom to 100%. I'm using CS4, but I assume it's the same on other releases.

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                                                                BenLFrey Level 1

                                                                The "correct" way to handle this would be either to treat zoom and scroll as two separate things (like indesign, photoshop, and illustrator do, by the way) and require a keyboard/mouse combo for the scroll wheel to become a zoom wheel, or to put a little "lock view" icon somewhere in the composition preview window.


                                                                I just got a new Mac, and it came with a magic mouse, which I have never used before. I've always avoided Apple's mice because I didn't like them, but I DO like this one. I hadn't used AE for the first 2-3 weeks of using this machine, and just started a new motion graphics project this morning.


                                                                Now the Magic Mouse that I have been using on AI, PS, ID, FL, AU and DW without any issues whatsoever is completely useless in AE thanks to this "feature."


                                                                Why not have a little toggle lock button built into the panel's bottom menu stuff. Even a menu checkbox to turn off scroll wheel zooming would be fine.


                                                                Or at least let us set some reasonable zoom bounds (25-200% would be workable) so that you don't find yourself staring at a single pixel "preview" without warning...


                                                                "Buy a new mouse" is an absurd response. Fixing this issue would be trivial. It is a bad UI practice to use a scroll wheel as a zoom wheel without a helper key. What other apps do this, other than FPS games with sniper rifles? Maybe Adobe is being tapped to develop the next Call of Duty and they wanted to get some practice?

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                                                                  yes, this is incredibly frustrating.

                                                                  just bought the new After Effects, etc - and my magic mouse keeps zooming in on scroll even after I disable all of it's possible checkboxes in the system preferences.  it's soooo frustrating.  and having to buy a new mouse without that functionality seems rather annoying.  I vote for AE preferences to simply disable that feature when I don't want it.


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                                                                    I actually created an account, logged in, and decided to respond as the information (as recently as 2012) that is being provided is incorrect on so many levels. It's quite easy to disable the scroll wheel, even on a magic mouse. For Mac OS X users take the following actions:


                                                                    Open Settings > Click on "Universal Access" > Select the "Mouse & Trackpad" tab > Click the "Mouse Options..." button > Deselect "Scrolling".


                                                                    The scroll wheel on your mouse, regardless of type, will be disabled until you so choose to re enable it.

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                                                                      BenLFrey Level 1

                                                                      You probably should have actually read the thread content instead of creating an account. Nobody has any trouble at all understanding how to disable the scroll wheel on a system-wide basis. Nobody.


                                                                      That isn't the problem, and never was. The problem is that AE handles the scroll wheel function incorrectly, and in a way that is particularly incompatible with the magic mouse, and there is no way to turn off that "feature" of AE.


                                                                      People want to use the scrolling function of their magic mouse on just about every application EXCEPT AE. I, for one, constantly use the scrolling functions. If I use a mouse that doesn't have a scroll function, I feel like I am missing a limb.


                                                                      The solution for me to this problem is that I have a second, wired mouse stuck off to the side of my machine, and whenever I need to use AE, I grab that mouse, then go back to using the one I want to use for every other application in the world.


                                                                      That's how bad it is.


                                                                      Telling people to turn off scrolling system-wide is not helpful. Being a condescending jerk while doing so just makes you look incompetent.

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                                                                        PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                                                        Ben, Kdb, and others that don't linke that behavior should make a feature request to get a preference that disables scroll wheel zooming in the comp windows : https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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                                                                          jhhhh1 Level 1

                                                                          PECourtejoie, If that was the first response instead of Mylenium's utterly unhelpful and insulting "buy a new mouse for $20" then you could have saved us a lot of trouble. In fact what does this "MVP+++" badge even mean? Mostly Valueless Post? seen as you're the first badged person in this thread to offer something that isn't just an insult or nonsensical rambling.


                                                                          I have already made this feature request on several occasions, replied to this thread almost 3 years ago and yes this still bothers me on a daily basis.


                                                                          The joys of a lazy company running the monopoly on creative software.

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                                                                            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                            wolfpuncher wrote:


                                                                            In fact what does this "MVP+++" badge even mean? Mostly Valueless Post?

                                                                            The badge is given by the forum system based on the number of posts a user has made that have been marked helpful or correct by other forum users. Note that Mylenium has over 27,000 posts on the Adobe forums, many of which (especially dealing with very technical things with After Effects) are extremely useful. I know of nobody better at troubleshooting program issues. And, in this case, his post is a workaround we have to use until Adobe gives the option to disable scroll wheel zooming. It is not unhelpful or insulting; it is the only solution (besides sending in a feature request, which everyone with this issue should do). The AE team is very small and therefore has to prioritize fixes based on number of users effected and the severity of the fix.


                                                                            wolfpuncher wrote:



                                                                            The joys of a lazy company running the monopoly on creative software.


                                                                            Should Adobe put more resources to the After Effects team so that they can deal with issues like this? I think so. It's atrocious that the Photoshop team is so large compared to the After Effects team, considering that After Effects does most of the same stuff as Photoshop with the added complexity of video standards, codecs, animation, etc. I'm amazed that AE works as well as it does considering the small team that's working on it.

                                                                            While you may consider Adobe lazy, please don't think of the AE team as such. Whenever I've dealt with them, I've found them to be very passionate about their work and dedicated to making a quality product as best they can.

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                                                                              BenLFrey Level 1

                                                                              Nobody "likes that behavior." It's the functional equivalent of having the steering wheel of your car control the windshield wipers when you don't have your foot on the gas pedal. There is never a time when it is more desirable than the alternative.


                                                                              I've already submitted a feature request. I've submitteded probably dozens of them for various Adobe products through the years. Well, many of my requests were filed as "bug fixes" and not "feature requests" because let's be honest...most of these are UI bugs, not "features."


                                                                              I have had literally one of my bugs get fixed (in InDesign) over the years. I started submitting bugs back in CS3 days. One of my favorite (show-stopping, force-quit-inducing) bugs in InDesign still remains, is completely reproducible on any Mac with InDesign from CS2 through CS6. You can force the entire system to hang just by trying to change the color of text in a table with the swatches panel open. Since CS2. If it is a big enough table, InDesign WILL lock up and then implode. If the Bug/Feature reporting tool worked then that bug wouldn't exist anymore. Based on prior evidence, there is almost zero chance that Adobe will fix this scroll to zoom problem. They can't even be bothered to fix actual show-stopping bugs nearly a decade and 5 major releases after they were first reported.

                                                                              • 37. Re: Turn Off Scroll Wheel Zooming
                                                                                Mike Bethany Level 1

                                                                                I would beg to differ. Who hard-coded their app to use a non-standard mouse wheel scroll (in violation of their own standards)? The Apple touch mouse does suck though; with all their design brilliance Apple has yet to make a good mouse or keyboard.

                                                                                • 38. Re: Turn Off Scroll Wheel Zooming
                                                                                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                                  You can't turn it off, but with a little practice you can avoid the problems. I've used a Magic Mouse with AE since they came out. At first I had a little trouble with the same problem you are having, but after about a week the problem magically went away because I practiced. I can't remember when the last time was that I accidentally changed the view in an AE comp window by accidentally scrolling with my Magic Mouse. I do use it to change the view when I want to though.


                                                                                  I also have to beg to differ on the keyboard. I love my Apple keyboards and I can work on them much longer without hand pain than I can on the Logitech or Microsoft keyboards on my PC. The Mac keyboards have had two or three times the use, at least twice the abuse, and they are (one after 6 years) still working perfectly. Mice, keyboards, and cars are a matter of personal taste. Also, every time I have broken, damaged or otherwise screwed up my Magic Mouse, Apple has replaced it for free by just making a Genius Bar appointment.

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