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      • 200. Re: Lightroom 3.2 Release Candidate Available on Adobe Labs
        areohbee Level 6

        What ails ya?


        I'm not being a smart a$$ (this time), its just that I wonder...


        3.2RC performs for me about like 2.X did. No improvement I can notice (not that I would necessarily since I don't switch back and forth), but rarely (although sometimes) crashes, and although no speed demon for me is at least consistent and no bad memory leaks. And actually performance-wise, develop slider response is pretty quick, its more the general sluggishness that I refer to when I say its no speed demon.


        So what would you want 3.2-final to "cure". I mean something new will be released by month's end since the RC will expire, but if you have specific problems with RC, you'd better speak up now or it will be too late, if its not already...


        Please ignore this post if you've already enunciated all of this, I didn't go back and re-read... But, the points stand for others: if you haven't articulated your complaints, then they may not get fixed!



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