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    Uninstalling CS4 after installing CS5

    RogierBos Level 1



      I have just installed the CS5 upgrade (Master Collection). Now I have CS4 and 5 installed, which is unnecessary.


      Question 1: Can I uninstall CS4 without deleting any important files like libraries, templates, brushes, actions, etc?

      Question 2: What is the best way to uninstall CS4?





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          RogierBos Level 1

          What - no one? I should think it is a simple question... Can anyone advise me?

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            Jeremy AB Level 1

            QUESTION 1: I am certain that the install for CS5 keeps the "important" files of it's own but if you made your own it's probably best to check that they are there in CS5 before you uninstall CS4, and if need be transfer them over.


            QUESTION 2: Go into one of the application's folder and double-click the uninstaller. For instance, go into the Photoshop folder and near the bottom look for "Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS4". This will run the setup app and you can choose to uninstall all of CS4 there.


            Hope that helps!

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              Hi Roger:


              Would be curious to hear what happened with your uninstall. I encountered a similar situation, checked with NAPP due to the many problems I have had with Adobe Support. The uninstall almost worked.


              However, when I removed CS4 from my lap top, the CS5 executable programs disappeared from <Start> <All Programs> <Adobe>. I used Explorer to see what files were installed, and they were all there. So I either have to execute them from Explorer, or reinstall to make life a bit easier. So I am in the process of reinstalling. Think I will leave both sets on my Desktop.


              Below is the information NAPP sent me. There are some good hints if you have customized Actions.


              From NAPP:


                You can uninstall through Start menu> Control Panel> Add and Remove Programs.   But before you do, consider these steps:

              --Open Photoshop CS4.

              --In the Actions palette, select a set of custom Actions (a set, not an individual Action).

              --From the Actions palette menu select Save Actions.

              --Choose a location, assign a name (using the .atn file extension), click Save.

              --Repeat for any additional sets of Actions.

              --If you have any custom brushes, styles, etc., use Edit> Preset Manager to create and save sets.

              --Quit Photoshop CS4.


              --Open Photoshop CS5.

              --From the Actions palette menu choose Load Actions.

              --Navigate to and select your .atn files to load them into the palette.

              --Use Edit> Preset Manager to load other custom items.


                Also check the other programs of the Creative Suite for custom templates and such that you want to save.




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                Hisham Attia

                I would uninstall everything now after I backed up my brushes and any other custom stuff. You need to check with developers of 3rd parties, if their plug-ins will work on CS5. Maybe they will provide an upgrade free of charge as time goes by. After the back-up I would uninstall everything as described above. You may even need to de-activate the SW at adobe.com before uninstall and after a re-install activate everything back again. I personally prefer clean installs as you never know what and where hereditary code lurks that may cause a problem.


                Hope that helps.



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                  Someone from Adobe should have responded, but I saw in their readme that uninstalling CS4 after installing CS5 removes CS5 files!!! They should have warned users more prominently when installing CS5. It would be wise to uninstall CS5 first and then CS4. Dumb, but necessary.

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                    Hisham Attia Level 1

                    In general, when upgrading or installing a new version, it is always wise to backup your files and make clean installs. This is just my own experience and it did save me time with (re-) installing SW. Especially with SW-suite (not only Adobe) programs are using common and share resources. With new updates some of these resources are also updates for the new version. When uninstalling the new version, these common resources are deleted. And if you had have on older version that may have itself installed these common resources, that older version will not find them anymore, and probably will cause some issues.

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                      I just uninstalled CS4 Design Premium after installing CS5 Design Premium. Everything appears to be working just fine. I was actually using Photoshop CS5 during most of the uninstall process. As with any install or uninstall I would recommend backing anything up that is important to you. That said, you should be able to safely uninstall CS4 after installing CS5.


                      I would also recommend deactivating your CS4 prior to uninstall just to be safe. I'll post on this thread if I end up running into any problems down the line.

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                        debwarr3 Level 1

                        I uninstalled CS4 after installing CS5, using the uninstall program for CS4.  I'm now getting an error message: "One or more files in the Adobe Application Support folder, necessary for running Photoshop, are missing.  Please run the Photoshop installer and re-install Photoshop".  I called Adobe and they said to reinstall CS5, which I did, but I'm still getting the message.  I can use CS5 after I close out the error message, and I haven't noticed any problems yet, but I'm worried that I'll have problems later (I just recently upgraded).  Do I need to reinstall CS4 and then reinstall CS5 again?

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                          GargantulaKon Level 1

                          I am not sure if that will fix the problem, but you should try it out.

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                            debwarr3 Level 1

                            Do you have an idea as to what might fix it?

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                              Hisham Attia Level 1

                              If you like to invest the time & effort, you can uninstall everything and re-install only CS5. Back-up your files first.


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                                chrisjblack Level 1

                                Adobe has a registry cleaner for each version of Creative Suite. They can be used after an uninstall to ensure everything is removed prior to reinstallation. Here is a link to the CS5 version:




                                Make sure to deactivate your products prior to uninstall to ensure your cd key is released.





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                                  debwarr3 Level 1

                                  Chris, thanks for your response, particularly the reminder to deactivate the account.  I wouldn't have thought about that.


                                  Take care,


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                                    I have just been chatting with support and they are unclear what to do as well. After insatlling CS5 I tried to find "deactivate" in help and it is no longer an option. Does CS5 automatically take over? What other files does it use from 4? It does not update previous pulgins. So, I am still waiting to uninstall CS 4.

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                                      ellencarnahan Level 1

                                      I had the same issue as some of you -I left CS4 on my system in case there was a problem with CS5, and then afterwards assumed that using the CS4 uninstaller would _only_ uninstall CS4 files. This help page seems to answer to that problem: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/407/kb407726.html -And indeed it worked for me. I had to grab the missing file "Adobe Unit Types.osax" from my backup -A file named "Adobe Unit Types" had been left in the current Library but "Adobe Unit Types.osax" was not there -that was presumably removed by the CS4 uninstaller. {The correct location is your machine's [root=hard drive]/Library, rather than [user]/Library or [root]/System/Library.} Authenticate to restore the file, and Photoshop should launch properly.


                                      Re: the other thread, my activation/deactivation story was also unpredictable and not what the Adobe rep expected, but it managed to resolve automatically in my favor. Seems glitchy to me-Good luck!


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                                        kongruke Level 1

                                        I was told by Adobe phone support recently (May 2014) that after installing first, CS4 on a new computer, and second the CS5 upgrade on top of that, I could go ahead and uninstall CS4. I'm not sure I quite believe that (see various remarks above) and will hold on to my CS4 until I find an authoritative answer to the question. It must be a very standard question, and it's odd Adobe hasn't provided an answer (or, if they have, it's so difficult to find). No doubt they would prefer me to upgrade (if that's what it is) to CS6.


                                        Nicholas Clifford

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                                          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                          Uninstalling CS4 will not effect CS5. At least it did not on my Mac or PC. However, you could have trouble re-installing CS4 without uninstalling CS5.