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    Impossible to use


      The adobe community help app is sooooooo slow that it's impossible to use.


      Just in case you didn't know.

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          Laura_Kersell Adobe Employee

          Thanks for taking the time to write, and yes, its something we've been working on. You should see performance gains with the update to AIR 2.02 http://get.adobe.com/air/. Also make sure you accept updates to the Community Help AIR application when notifications appear through the app, or directly here: http://www.adobe.com/support/chc/.

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            Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

            Hi Leshes:  the Help engineering team just released a new version, 3.3, that is described here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/707280.  The big focus on this latest release was performance -- in fact, for Flash and Flex-based searches (which feature the additional ASLR and code search results), the results are now returned 250% faster.


            Also, the migration to AIR2/Flex 4 should improve overall app responsiveness.  Hope you give it another shot if you're willing...


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              leshes Level 1

              Hi Adobe people,


              Thank you for your concern!


              I'm trying 3.3 right now, I'll let you know.


              It is amusing to see the struggles of you and also the help people from Microsoft. It's not trivial to make a help system that people want to use, and not just use Google. It has to search perfectly (google search is almost perfect, almost always) and it has to be ultra-fast.




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                12345scott Level 1

                It is however trivial to make a pdf that will download and OPEN for gosh sakes.


                When I try to view the pdf on the Comm Help page it says that I have no pdf reader installed for goods sake.  How STUPID.


                And just in case I do ever figure out how to download it, put an INDEX in it so that it is usable.


                And as I have said for years, the whole concept of on line help STINKS. With a fast connection it is slow, left alone on a bad connection day.


                AND AND we do not all want to be connected to the internet---there have been plenty of posts about that.


                Scott        the suite is great; help stinks

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                  12345scott Level 1

                  And further more, the concept of not shipping the pdf's on the install DVD also STINKS.  I have been told me multiple times that it takes too much space on the DVD.  I say to Adobe: "get a grip".  The 40 MB PS pdf is large?  ARGH!  yes, there are maybe 10 apps, so that is 400MB?  out of maybe 10x 1GB??? or so...  Besides, that doesn't matter. We are talking customer service here.


                  Of course the concept of the online help being updatable is neat, if it all worked.


                  But stop to think a minute: somehow we manage to keep updated on the suite apps---Adobe even helps us remember, etc.  Surely this mechanism would work for Help pdfs too.


                  And also, some customers have a POLICY of not connecting important machines to the internet.


                  Sorry, I am fuming here.  I have been talking about all of the things in my last 2 posts here for years, meaning several suite generations, and I expect that I will be doing it for CS6 too.




                  PS: the CS5 PS seems to be downloading using CH3.3; thank you for that.    only 2 1/2 hours to go   yes, the connection also stinks, but I use what I can get, and it is not on the DVD.



                  One minor thing: the new help app asks you which product you want to install it for, with a long drop down list.  Sounds logical until you try to two install for the second, third, etc suite product.  After you download each one,it says that this version of this app is already running...   So we are not really installing the help app for each product? but trying to do it 3 times over the top of each previous one?  or is the dialog box confusing?

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                    12345scott Level 1

                    one major thing: I love Adobe and all of the people that I have met, in person or online, and I have been honored to work with some of them.  However, on dark nights I walk in fear that a evil Adobe policy will get me.




                    feel free to delete this; I not only fume sometimes, I ramble even more.

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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                      And further more, the concept of not shipping the pdf's on the install DVD also STINKS.  I have been told me multiple times that it takes too much space on the DVD.


                      Whoever told you that it was a space issue was misinformed. It's a time issue.


                      I addressed the question of the absence of PDF documents on the installation DVD on this thread:




                      I'll leave it to Mark (the Adobe guy who answered earlier on this thread) to address questions about online Help in general and the Community Help Client application. I just thought that as one of the people who actually wrote the documents, I'd be able to shed some light on why the timing of the work makes inclusion of a document on the disc not a good idea.

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                        12345scott Level 1



                        Thank you for your answer.  I was told 'space' and could never see it.  TIme I can understand, like having docs ready when shipping I mean. But I think that this is fixable???  of course I have not done it    


                        My feeling is that most of the words came from the last release, and the new features have been tested for quite a while by the time they are good enough to ship. However, they probably don't give you a huge staff either.


                        Hmmm, this is probably a really stupid idea, but we beta test the app, why not the docs?  Well, it wouldn't be beta testing exactly and you wouldn't want a gazillion people driving you crazy, but a few assistant editors or proof readers?  I would volunteer.


                        Haven't heard from Mark this time, but he was very helpful and understanding before, and delivered in 3.3.  I have everything working now for the first time, except the "timeout" problem as I call it. Don't of course know what it really is, but it is shorter than before.


                        As you may have guessed from my post, yesterday was a bad day for non adobe reasons.  RE the whole idea of online help, which is probably not you or Mark or even the department ('go do it' so to speak, from higher up), I have had fast connections, slow connections and actually prefer no connection on my prime creative machines, but I have never had a satisfactory response time from online help, any place.  Maybe it is just me.


                        One thing that would be really nice is to have an index like there was in the CS4 pdf's.


                        Thank you for answering