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        "have a nce day"....please spare me.....and so nice of you to completely avoid the issue of John's insulting and disrespectful comment...



        btw: I did provide my hardware and disagree as to where the problem lies......

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          There are some who make insulting and irritating comments that are unwarranted.


          Why do so many threads end up with this kind of chatter at the end?  Precisely because of that.


          Captian1944 came here frustrated about something that doesn't work - and justifyably so - and some of that was reflected back in responses.  Even a thread title containing "enough is enough" invites attitude.  The right thing to do, by adult forum members in a case like this is try to steer back to the issues, not make snide editorial remarks about other people.


          Captain, please keep in mind that there are really very insecure individuals in the world who feel they need to belittle others to raise their own status.  Your best response is to just ignore them.



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            captain1944 Level 1

            well stated........and just to add...it is interesting how some try and circle the wagons......responding for others who apparently have left their screen.......for quite a few hours.....and yes, that is sarcasm.

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              dec9 Level 5

              Since you say it is not your computer at fault go to this site and fill out a bug report. It is the only way something can get fixed.



              Edit: Sorry, I did not see this was already posted in another response above.

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                captain1944 Level 1

                what is going on here is a difference of opinion...and some of the tech savvy people on here seem to believe that their opinion is fact......


                my opinion is that since 1) the clone tool was, in fact, stable with cs3 and 2) since this software is designed to work on your every day compueter that has the required specs as noted on the box, one should not have to jump through hoops, buy new viseo cards, etc to have it work properly. This is my opinion.....the gurus here need to grow up a little, in my opinion, and accept the fact that this issue can be looked at in different ways....


                as for filing a report......considering they knew about the issue in cs4 and it continues in cs5 I have little confidence that they will do anything about it.....I have changed a few things based upon some suggestions here and will just continue forward.....but..I continue to maintain that some of the piling on here after a clearly inappropriate comment was  made is, in itself, inappropriate....end of story...hopefully.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  There are a couple of considerations here.


                  With older versions of PS, you had a newer, more up to date computer, at that time. Things were very likely more in line with CS3.


                  Time has passed, and a new version of the software has been introduced. CS4 has greater interface with one's video card and its driver, than earlier versions. Also, thinks like simple OS updates, and hot-fixes, can render a video driver obsolete. Likely, your OS has had many updates, since CS3.  In some programs, this does not show up. With PS CS4 and CS5, it likely will. With some other programs, such as Adobe Premiere Pro (interfaces much more closely with the video card and driver, than PS does), it WILL show up - guaranteed!


                  Intel makes nice chips, but for their embedded video chips, their drivers leave a world to be desired, especially if the chip is a couple of years old. That you were able to get some satisfaction with any driver (through Dell, or Intel) is a minor miracle, at least in my experiences. In the PrPro forum, it is usually impossible to get a driver fix for an embedded Intel chip, but that is probably because of the extent to which the program interacts with the card/chip and driver. Most users have to eliminate the embedded Intel, and go with an nVidia, or ATI card, and still keep the drivers updated. If one has a laptop, then they are pretty much hosed.


                  Adobe is moving more of its programs to get more out of a GPU. This means that newer versions will likely have problems with older video cards/chips and their drivers. Progress on one front, can spell disaster on another - depends on one's equipment. Similar happened, when Adobe went to SSE2 minimum for many programs. Anyone with non-SSE2 instruction set capability could not upgrade. This affected thousands of AMD owners with the older chips. Was Adobe correct to provide much better performance for the millions of owners of later AMD's, and most Intel CPU's? Some say no. They feel that everyone should be penalized, just because they had a 4 year old CPU, and did not want to upgrade that and the MoBo. However, the many more users, who had more recent equipment, loved the increased speed in almost every function. The other option for the older AMD owners was to stick with the earlier versions, and just not upgrade, until they upgraded their equipment.


                  I'm just glad that you did get this handled. My comment was going to be the pointer driver, but others had beaten me to it. I had similar with one version of my Wacom driver - skipping. Wacom was quick, and had a new driver out in no time. That solved things for me and many others. In the meantime, I just rolled-back my Wacom driver, did without a few features for a month, then all was fixed.


                  This is offered for anyone coming to this thread, as it has been solved (and I hope that it stays solved). When one encounters a problem, it is best to not jump to conclusions. One might have strong feelings, that they know what is/is not part of the issue, but to list all equipment with full specs., plus a detailed example of where/how the problem crops up, responders can pick through the data and might be able to offer suggestions quickly, and fairly painlessly. More detail is better than too little. It keeps the sessions of 40 Questions down to a minimum. Also, listing important aspects, like an Intel graphics chip, keeps people from offering up an nVidia, or an ATI fix. Same with regards to the pointing device. Not knowing, until down-thread, I'd have mentioned updating the Wacom driver, but there is no Wacom driver in the mix.


                  When I post of an issue, I will list all hardware, even to the point of the Audio card w/ driver info, in a PS thread, though I feel very confident that there is no correlation. Still, there can be some very odd, and totally unexpected conflicts in hardware and software. Then, I give full details of my OS and all programs and Processes, that load at bootup - lot of potential conflicts can exist there, and most people never think of them. Then I list my operations that point up the problem, and finally will link to anything that I might have tried, or read of, to keep folk from searching the forum, or the Web, for links to those very articles. If I have done troubleshooting tasks, I list what the results of those were.


                  With only one exception, in this thread, no one is an Adobe employee. We all base our suggestions on personal experience, or from reading and research. Usually, the people here are very good, and amazingly quick to remotely diagnosing someone's problem. However, they all benefit from having as much data, as is possible, to work with. All the help that a poster can provide will be appreciated.


                  Good luck,



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                    captain1944 Level 1

                    many thanks for your response and all of the information provided...eric

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      You are most welcome. Newer subscribers see that nice red and white Adobe logo, and do not quite understand that this is not a direct conduit to the company. In a very few fora, there are more Adobe employees, who monitor it. Premiere CS5 is a good example, as we have two employees, who are regularly in the forum, and then two more, who drop by. A fifth shows up, whenever an update is about to be released, with the details of what is in that release. Even with that Adobe presence, it's not quite a direct link. One employee does have some contact with the development teams. Even with that contact, they also have "day jobs," and might not even be in the same state as the development team. So, it seems an abstract concept that Adobe is not monitoring each and every thread, until one has spent some time here and has talked to some of the employees to find out exactly what their role is.


                      That is why I always recommend the Bug Report/Feature Request. Adobe does read those, and will take them seriously. Remember, however, that they will usually not contact you back, but might, if more info/details will be needed.


                      Good luck,



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                        Q Photo Level 2

                        Under LINKS the first thing listed is "How To Get Help Quickly".  It has good advice that, if followed, makes it so much easier to get assistance.  Friendly assistance at that.  Hope you don't consider this suggestion as being rude.  That is not my intention.  Nor do I believe it was the intention of anyone that replied to your post.


                        A Nice day to EVERYONE.

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