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    looking for script

      I am making a Jeopardy type game I need to know if there is script for when they click on a # it makes the # disappear or change colors or cast member. I have it where when you mouse click up on it, it goes to a marker where the question is then click on that to next marker for answer then click on answer to go back to first screen but I want the number that has been used to be different somehow so we know which questions we already used.
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          All that is feasible, if making a sprite member change it's probably
          best to avoid breaks in that sprite's run so the changes you apply stick
          when jumping to the other marker.

          To change a 'seed' number in a game

          N = random(10) -- gives a random number but it may repeat


          on startOfGame
          global numList
          numList = [1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 99]

          on randomLisatPick
          global numList
          if count(numList) > 0 then -- not empty
          entry = random( count(numList))
          theNum = numList[entry]
          deleteAt numList, entry -- remove the selected entry so it won't
          return theNum
          return 0 -- empty list
          end if