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    Adobe Flash Player Settings Problem

    kooz81 Level 1
      Hi I'm having problems selecting things inside of "Adobe Flash Player Settings."

      When ever i right click on a flash instance, say a youtube video and select settings, I get no response from box that appears no matter where I click. Even when I click close I get no response.

      I have a Mac Book Pro running os 10.4.11
      I have the newest version of Flash Player 10
      I have Java 5
      I have tried this in both Firefox and Safari

      When I created a new account on my computer and opened youtube i was able to change settings inside of panel.

      Any help would be wonderful I have googled and searched these forums a million times looking for help and have found nothing helpful
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          kooz81 Level 1
          I'm still having this problem, has anyone else seen anything like this? Also creating a new account no longer works as a short term fix.
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            spa.girl Level 1
            i'm having this problem too...
            and video doesn't play... though i can hear the audio.
            however... the problem is inconsistent... i can access
            the panel when i click on it... but only on some sites.

            i did change some of the settings from the adobe site... but tried to switch them back.
            still no luck.

            i'm working on an imac with firefox.

            would love to hear a response.
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              Pengelly88 Level 1
              Im having the exact same problem...
              Im using a Windows Vista Laptop, I have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, and uninstalled it and reinstalled it... no luck... Im all out of ideas!!
              Cant even close the settings box let alone select anything inside it!!
              I also need to know of a solution too.
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                spa.girl Level 1
                ok, i'm not an expert on flash or flash player... but right now, i think i fixed the problem.
                when you are on your video... and you right click... you can access the settings... or the about adobe flash player link...
                i clicked on that...
                and opened the "settings manager" panel... on the right hand side from the adobe site.
                then on the left... you'll see the "settings manager" with a variety of options below it. it appears to be the same settings if you were to right click on your specific site, in this case, youtube.
                i clicked thru those... and upped the storage for specific websites i visit... and it seems to be working now.
                or of course, the folks at adobe are reading this and fixing it behind the scenes!
                good luck... keep me posted!
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                  pentomino Level 1
                  I can set privacy settings from those pages, but I can't access my microphone or camera settings. What's more, if a website ever pops up a window asking me whether to allow access to my camera, it has the effect of locking up the whole page, since I can't close that window.

                  I'm using an iMac I bought in 2008, with MacOS Leopard 10.5.6.
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                    CheyenneDonna Level 1

                    I am glad to have finally found a thread addressing my problem, I have had the same one since Flash went to version 10. I found that reverting to any of the version 9 flash players made settings manager responsive again, although that leaves me with a lot of pages that will not work correctly due to needing the most current flash player. I can also utilize the settings manager if I use portable Firefox. After reading this thread I logged out of my computer user account and logged in as a different user, oddly enough settings manager was totally responsive. This problem keeps me from using websites that do video calls and web conferences online. The day that I upgraded to the current flash version the settings manager worked correctly, 2 days later it had stopped responding. This is a Sony laptop, running Vista Home Premium. If settings manager works with a different user logged on it obviously is not the computer, or the registry that has problems, I have also tried running Firefox in safe mode so all addons are disabled, that did not work either.I do not have this problem on a machine running XP.  Any help appreciated.

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                      I am having the same issue running Windows 7 (64 bit) and using firefox (which is a 32-bit brower).   Everything with flash player works except the setting's box.  Have used the settings manager on the Adobe website and increased storage space for specific sites, but can't activiate my cam in chat rooms.  Adobe support has been no help at all.  They suggested using internet explorer in private mode (as if that is really going to fix the problem) and then they tell me to use a 32 bit brower (I've have already told them 3 times I AM using a 32 bit brower)

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                        patf, I am having the exact problem...I did a clean install of win 7 64 bit and installed the lastest flash player plug in.  I use both FireFox 3.5 and IE 8.  Both crash on settings manager right when I click the cam tab.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled flash player with same results everytime.

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                          CheyenneDonna Level 1

                          Hello Adobe are you listening, this is an ongoing problem and no solution except using an old version of Flash Player.

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                            dilbert36m Level 1

                            CheyenneDonna which older version will work?  Maybe I'll search the web for that version and try installing it???  Thx

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                              CheyenneDonna Level 1

                              I get around the issue by using Portable Apps Firefox, this contains a Flash plugin and by default the older version is used even if the version installed on the computer is newer. Just install portable apps to a folder in your documents and launch whenever you know you will need access to a working settings manager.  Any Version prior to 10 works correctly on my machine, however, some web pages will not work correctly that way.

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                                patf9033 Level 1

                                Cheyenne - thanks for the tip.  Tried it but unfortuniately it didn't solve the problem.  Adobe needs to get off their ***** and and create a 64 bit version

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                                  CheyenneDonna Level 1

                                  My system is Vista, 32 bit, sorry it didn't work for you. Oddly enough I don't have this issue on my XP systems.

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                                    clewis123456 Level 1

                                    Yep i am having the same problem i upgraded to windows 7 32-bit last night and i should be doing a live video stream for my website tonight but cant as the frezzing promblem with flash player settings. i am totally pissed of now.

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                                      patf9033 Level 1

                                      Hey everyone,


                                      Using suggestions from this site and others, here is what I did to correct this problem.  I am running Windows 7 (32-bit) on a Dell XPS 600 machine (64 bit).  I followed the instructions from http://forums.adobe.com/thread/172298 to uninstall and reinstall flash player.  I then created myself a standard user account (I was using an administrator's account) and everything works in the standard account.


                                      Thanks to everyone for posting their suggestion here and elsewhere.

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                                        It would be best to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Flash Player as well as check that your graphics card has the latest updated drivers.

                                        Should you require additional assistance Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here http://tinyurl.com/9fhdl5. It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to check the threads there for additional support.

                                        Microsoft Windows Client Team

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                                          CheyenneDonna Level 1

                                          Most, if not all of us have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, and the problem exists on Vista as well. I still can not get fllash manager to respond on a web page where I need to change video/mic settings, the whole thing freezes and closing the page is the only solution. It also freezes if I am on a web page which does not already have permissions for accessing my microphone and camera. However, it does work if I try to access in Portable FireFox (with a 9.0 version plug in) or if I log out of my profile in Windows and on as another user. The computer, registry, graphics card etc. can not be the issue if it works using one of those workarounds. I do not have this problem on a system running XP.

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                                            CheyenneDonna Level 1

                                            With yesterdays update to Flash Manager is currently working on my Windows 7 machine. There have been a couple of updates in the past that allowed it to work temporarily, let's hope this one stays working. Thanks Adobe.

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                                              WackyLisa Level 1

                                              I have a Mac Book Pro running OSX 10.6.2. I'm running the most current version of Flash as of Feb 4, 2010.

                                              I can change settings on the Flash website but am still unable to do what I need to in any particular page.. What I mean is, I can right click to select 'settings' or 'choose camera' from the list that appears but I can't click on the 'allow' button nor can I change my camera. This happens in both Firefox and Safari.

                                              Any help would be appreciated.


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                                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                You may want to review this http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.htm l




                                                I came upon this while searching for another issue.





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                                                  Thou Art Jay Level 1

                                                  I think I may have a solution.


                                                  I am running OS X v 10.5.8 and Firefox 3.6.3.  In my CSS file, I have the following:

                                                  body {
                                                      margin: 0px;
                                                      text-align: center;
                                                      background-color: #fff;


                                                  As soon as I removed the "text-align: center;" attribute, the Flash Player settings started to work.


                                                  I hope this helps.



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                                                    chadillac83 Level 1

                                                    I was experiencing the same thing.  Turns out it was HTML/CSS based on our application as well.


                                                    #flash_parent { padding:5px 0 0 5px; }


                                                    was being used to give the parent DIV some room.  After zeroing out all of the padding on the parent element the clicks started working again just fine.  Our code still as text-align:center; and seems to work fine.


                                                    If you're experiencing a problem like this it's something to do with CSS padding & margins but I don't believe there is a single answer to this problem as CSS can act differently based on how it's written.  Play with your CSS starting at the parent container that holds the actual Flash embed and work your way up removing margin, padding, etc. until the clicks start to work again... then find your work around that will allow it to play nice with your page.



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                                                      cnynracer Level 1

                                                      chadillac83 has the right idea.  We ran into this bug in 4 different areas of our site.  In one area, his fix of playing with text-alignment/padding worked well.


                                                      But in the others, I spent approximately 24 hours hunting the cause down.  I played with CSS, removed elements, modified elements.  I was displaying it in modal css dialogs so I thought this was the problem.  But in fact, the problem was related to pages that scroll!  I found that either viewing the page on a higher resolution, or modifying the page so it didn't scroll would fix the issue.


                                                      I hope this helps someone out.  I don't wish this debugging on anyone!


                                                      Best regards,

                                                      Frank Orozco

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                                                        PressuredByAdobe Level 1

                                                        Adobe Flash installations on the Mac typically have permissions problems.  One consequence is that you can't download flash components and you can't change settings because you no longer have permission to write into the folders where those things are stored.


                                                        So, first thing to do is run DiskUtility and "Fix Permissions" on your boot drive.


                                                        Then in your home folder delete the Flash Player folder that is inside both Library/Caches/Adobe and Library/Preferences/Macromedia.  (You could manually change the permissions, too, but it's easier to just delete them.)

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                                                          pixelderek Level 1

                                                          Still not working. This time accessing a website that uses flash.


                                                          Using 10.4.11 and Safari 3.0.4. Fixed permissions, ran disk utility and found no problems. Deleted prefs. I even reset Safari.


                                                          Un-installed and re-installed flash 10.1.


                                                          I have 5 machines with this issue.

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                                                            pixelderek Level 1

                                                            I have deleted these and other related files. I even did a clean install which installs new system files.


                                                            Still having the same problem. It seems to be an issue with flash and OS X 10.4. I have not seen the issue yet with 10.5.


                                                            This problem is growing as I have many more machines at a different school site with this same issue.




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                                                              PressuredByAdobe Level 1



                                                              Did you check the permissions on the folders that are inside the user's Library/Caches/Adobe and Library/Preferences/Macromedia?  Just to be safe, check both the per-user Library and the system-wide Library?  The problem I ran into was that there were folders (presumably created by the Flash installer) that I did not have permission to write into (only the system could write into them) but settings and caches need to be written into those folders under my user ID.



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                                                                pixelderek Level 1

                                                                Yes, the permissions seem fine. There were a couple other folders with incorrect permissions. These seem to be unrelated but I changed them anyway.


                                                                The issue persists.




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                                                                  Ryan Kimble Level 1

                                                                  TWEAK DISCOVERED for Flash Player 10 to save local settings!!


                                                                  I was digging around in:


                                                                  ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/www.macromedia.com/bin/fpupdatepl/


                                                                  and I discovered:


                                                                  Adobe Flash Player.pkg


                                                                  If you Right Click (or Control + Click) the Package and then select 'Show Package Contents' this will open a new window.


                                                                  Then navigate to:




                                                                  There you will find a file:


                                                                  Adobe Flash Player.info


                                                                  Open this file with text edit (or your app of choice)


                                                                  On about the fourth line from the bottom look for:


                                                                  OverwritePermissions NO


                                                                  Change this to:


                                                                  OverwritePermissions YES



                                                                  A NOTE OF CAUTION


                                                                  I have not fully tested this change, but did find that after I modified the local settings for the Flash Player, then restarted Safari that the settings remained the same.


                                                                  Good Luck!



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                                                                    pixelderek Level 1



                                                                    After speaking with support over at Mindvision software, they make a web based app we use that uses flash.


                                                                    They said Adobe is going to fix this and release an update. So, to make this work, they recommended to select Global Settings and on that web page select and configure your storage settings.


                                                                    You can right click or control click on the web page with flash running and then select Global Settings. Then you can select your global and website storage settings on the left.



                                                                    Hope this helps.




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                                                                      pixelderek Level 1

                                                                      Well, maybe this just works for the web based app we are using. Again this was from Mindvision software support.



                                                                      They said Adobe addmitted it was a flash problem and they would provide an update.



                                                                      I hope its released soon. Or maybe everything should move to HTML 5.




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                                                                        pixelderek Level 1

                                                                        The problem does seem to be a little sporatic. I have found some users using Vista with this issue.


                                                                        My issue is mainly with OS X 10.4.11. Some machines with 10.4.11 did work but most did not. Really strange.

                                                                        Machines running OS X 10.5 or later seem to be fine.