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    Dreamweaver suddenly flaky & slow

    Kid Red
      Suddenly today, after using it without issue yesterday (and putting my computer to sleep) DW 8 is acting strange. I switched over to it and the building site cache dialog came up. Then it stayed busy and unresponsive for like 4 minutes. Then I was able to work. So with a few html files open and I went to paste some code onto another file and beachball unresponsiveness for at least another 4-5 minutes. So, I force quit it and restarted. It comes to loading extensions and hangs on Initializing Assets for at least 2-3 minutes. Then it comes up and loads site cache again. Then, becomes unresponsive for another 3-4 minutes. I restart my computer and launch DW first, nothing else open, it stays on Initializing Assets and exhibits the same hanging behavior. If I open a file, the window comes up blank and hangs while loading. Then I get the site cache and then it hangs after that for 3-4 minutes. What's going on?

      What are these assets that now seem to hang start up and what could be causing my sudden overall unresponsive behavior? I installed nothing in the last few days, done nothing new, just work. What's with the site cache popping up all the time?