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    AE and what it all entails.


      Greetings Adobe community,

      I am a Graphic Designer for a growing movie rental company. Recently I was asked to tackle an a.v. project for one of our promotions. Having background in Flash, Modo, and some Final Cut proved to be invaluable, seeing as I had never used AE before. Luckily enough having that experience paired with tutorials from the AE community made my solution a success. Without either of those I would have failed miserably, so much thanks to all of you out there.

      I reach out today with a question regarding AE and a purchase of the software. My company's marketing director has given the ok for me to start doing some heavy investigating regarding a single purchase of the program or a new purchase of the suite. I was wondering from the community itself if there was any recommendations. Currently I am running the CS4 design suite, so I don’t believe that I can "upgrade" to a suite that contains AE, I believe I have to do standalone or new suite package, but I thought I would check.

      Also, once purchasing AE is there anything that I need to get with it from adobe or from a third party? When I was following the tutorial that saved my butt, it suggested downloading some plug-ins, which I did of course. Some of those plug-ins, however, were trials. In that tutorial I believe the instructor mentioned that AE comes with extra third party plug-ins. Is this true? If not, is there a way to purchase the plug-ins through adobe with the software. Or, is there a bundle out there somewhere on the web I can purchase that would contain primarily everything I need. Obviously a matter of opinion/taste will dictate some of these answers, but that is ok, I need as much input as I can.

      In short, I want to be able to purchase AE and get the most bang for my buck. If that includes getting the suite for the additional programs (and now CS5, which is obviously a reason itself to upgrade), purchasing a plug-in packet from adobe or a third party, etc. Just looking for some guidance.