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    XHTML formatting not working

    DanCJones Level 1



      I have an xdp form which I use to produce a PDF from XML data.  This form has text fields which have a Field Format of "Rich Text" and the source XML has XHTML tags to render this.  When I preview the form in LiveCycle Designer this all works perfectly.


      When I run this as part of a process that uses generatePDF Output however, none of the formatted text appears.  When I look in the log file I get multiple occurrences of the folowing warning:

      ALC-XTG-029-280: [11188] exData is unable to support the specified content. Hint(span)
      2010-09-07 11:47:00,155 WARN  [com.adobe.document.XMLFormService]


      "span" is one of the tags that I am using in the XHTML and it works well in the preview from the designer.


      Any help would be appreciated.