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    Jerky video within CS 5.02


      I had this issue within the original CS5.  Video seems to drop a frame every 2 or 3 seconds, both on older Premiere projects and on new one.  Source is HDV and this issue occurs both with MPEG captures from my Canon XH-A1 and with earlier clips captured using the Cineform codec.  The computer in question Is a 2.6 GHz Opteron dual 6 core (12 cores total), 8 GB RAM, Win 7 64. Nvidia GTX-470 with the latest driver (258.96).  Latest patches from Adobe, Nvidia, and Cineform are running.  The drives in question are Western Digital Caviar Blacks, 1.5 TB, 7200 RPM.  No appreciable file space used.


      Any ideas what could be causing the choppy video?  Note, the same captured files copied over and played back on my old computer (dual 3 GHz Opteron, 8 GB RAM, and CS2 with XP 32) play back fine.

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          Check your playback settings, project settings and how the video material is being interpreted.  Your correct that HDV material should playback very smoothly.  Sometimes I've selected the wrong fps settings by accident which would account for this behavior.  Also are your drives internal or external?  External would give you this problem as well.



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Although you are right that HDV material is not very taxing on an Intel system in general, it can be taxing on an AMD Opteron system. AMD is just not suited for editing, due to the lack of SSE extensions.You did not mention whether your disks are USB or eSATA. Add the limited memory and I'm not really surprised at lackluster performance, but to be sure, run the PPBM5 Benchmark

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              "AMD added support for SSE2 with the introduction of their Opteron and Athlon 64 ranges of AMD64 64-bit CPUs in 2003."

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                prm1177 Level 1

                The drives are internal SATA with the SATA bus at 3GBPS.  Win 7 rates the disk data transfer rate at 7.8 out of 7.9, although the OS is on an older SATA drive with a 1.5 GBPS transfer rate.  The project settings are all default HDV (1440x1080, 29.97) and , thankfully, the rendered output looks just fine.  It's just the preview playback that jumps frames (audio is fine).  As far as Windows is concerned, here are the performance benchmarks: Proce 7.7, memory 7.9, Graphics 7.8, Gaming, 7.8, C drive 5.2 and remaining drives 7.8.


                I'm wondering if I should turn Aero off (this was necessary on my older machine with Vista 64 and a Quadro card), but I would think that the GTX-470 would have enough chops to handle this.


                I was planning on eventually installing an external SAS array ( 4 1 TB drives in 2 striped sets of 2GB) and the mobo supports both 6 channels of SATA and 8 channels of SAS, but if the playback remains this rough, it might not be worth the investment.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Jim, I'm talking about SSE4.1+, but you are correct SSE2 is supported by AMD, and they also work on 80386 CPU's. But maybe you did not yet know that SSE4.1+ is what makes the distinction and support for 80386 is rather irrelevant, as is SSE2. Maybe you to read up on recent developments.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    How did you establish that?

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                      crouchingsamurai Level 1

                      Yes try turning Aero off but it does sound like your system is quite fast enough for your material.  Here's what I know about the external storage so far.  External SAS or NAS will run best if you have 10,000 rpm drives.  Running 7200 will work if they are raid but you will want redundacy to ensure you do not loose your work.  Raid 5 protects you if 1 to 2 disks go in your raid which will allow recovery of all data.  Raid 6 will allow 3 drives.  And you will still need an external backup solution on top of that.  Gets expensive really fast.  So if your only working on DV and HDV I would not go that route yet.  It really sounds like you have a playback setting issue.  Your 470 should have not problem playing back HDV.


                      Go into premiere cs5 preferences and make sure your using Adobe player for playback.

                      Check your memory settings and make sure your not using more then 75% of your ram for premiere or media encoder.

                      Under preferences media make sure your intermediate is set to the proper frame rate.

                      Also in preferences media make sure your media cache and media cache databases are on a different drive then your OS drive where premiere is installed.  This is important.

                      Check your project settings to make sure the scratch disks are not on c drive too.

                      And in the project settingns - general  tab make sure mercury playback engine set to GPU NOT software.


                      If you check your system and these things are correct try creating a new HDV project and see if this helps.  Sometimes projects get corrupted too.  When you have a good running project make a few backup copies of it for safety sake.


                      If you still have a problem then I think a hard drive could be the problem.  There are a lot of things that can mess up playback.  ALSO, make sure any antivirus stuff is turned off and make sure your running as an admin account too.


                      If you are running fast intel processors that's good.  No experience with AMD chips.


                      Best of luck,


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                        hmcindie Level 1

                        Harm. Maybe you need to read up some more. 386 processors have absolutely NOTHING to do with SSE. That statement is just so ludicrous it's almost funny.


                        AMD currently does support some SSE4 instructions with the K10 line.


                        If you plan to badmouth a manufacturer, try to atleast get some facts straight. The problem for the OP also has NOTHING to do with the processor.

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                          fincaman2 Level 1

                          I had this in CS4 and was told that all would be cured in CS5, guess what it's still the same, I built a monster computer (i7 950, 6gb ram, 3x1tb Samsung spinpoints, nvidia 9600 GT, Win7 Pro) I have posted a couple of times on this subject but it is my opinion that PP CS5 just does this and you have to live with it. If there is anyone out there who can suggest anything I'll have another go

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                            Jeff Bellune Level 5

                            nvidia 9600 GT

                            The 9600 is an ancient graphics card.  You are doing yourself a great disservice by including it in your current system.  Also, you should get more RAM.  A good guideline is 2 GB per core.



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                              Andy Urtu Level 1

                              Something is not setup right.  I have an "old" Quad 2.66mhz, 8MB RAM , 3 500GB WD SATA drives (C:, Scratch, Video) and a GTX285.

                              Everything plays GREAT.


                              How about antivirus?  Try uninstalling and see if it helps.  Turn off as many services as possible.



                              Also, I have Cineform, and it does not play back as well as native HDV, MPG2 etc.

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                                fincaman2 Level 1

                                OK very glad you took the time to advise me I am not a pro but I like things right, I am looking at installing 3x4gb memory sticks alongside my 3x2gb sticks, what video card would you recommend ?

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                                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                  If you can find a really good deal on a GTX 285, which Nvidia has discontinued, as compared to a GTX 470, then I'd choose the 285.  Otherwise, a 470 is what I'd recommend.  When I upgrade my graphics card, that's the one I'll get.



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                                    fincaman2 Level 1

                                    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction,I can see why you recommend a GTX 285 because the later ones get bad revues however they now have a 460 1gb which is inexpensive low power consumption and seems to go head to head in tests with far more expensive cards, I can put up with the jerky video for now so I will put the video card and memory on my buying list. Thanks again for your help



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                                      prm1177 Level 1

                                      Thanks for all the suggestions.  I will switch off antivirus (Windows Security Center)

                                      and see if that clears things up.  I'm also planning on cloning my boot/program drive which is slower than all the others to a faster drive to see if this helps.  I am also moving all of the preview cache files to a new location on a faster drive.  Please note that video outside of CS5 plays back smoothly.


                                      Jerky preview aside, the final output is stunning.

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                                        fincaman2 Level 1

                                        CURED IT !!!


                                        Hello all, My conclusion from the help I got from this post was that I needed a better video card and possibly more ram, whilst this is still true I found that windows 7 (and possibly Vista) Areo system uses a lot GPU resources and needs to be switched off. You do this by right clicking on your desktop, then personalize,then scroll down and choose Windows basic or Windows classic theme, this has completely cured it for me (moderators take note). When I get a better Video card I will report back.It would be nice to here from others this has helped.