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    How much RAM is enough...advise me please


      How much RAM is enough to work in 3d in CS4.  I work on an HP 8200 dual core with only 3.25 GB RAM.    I am now at a standstill with this computer.  Between the Proanimator, effects and HD stock footage my computer is suffocating.



      I work mostly in the Abobe products as well as Media Composer on this computer.



      1. Do I go about maxing out my motherboard with RAM or do I just invest in a new bigger better 64 bit computer.  If I am going to max my RAM on this computer....how much can CS4 utilize on this comp and can this computer even utilize it anyway since XP can only address 3.3 GB itself? 



      2. But if I am going to start fresh with a new computer?, how many processors and how much ram is "REALLY"  the least that one can realistically work with 3d in CS4?  Also my company will most likely only look at windows based.



      I know some of  the tricks, small res, purging frames, secret options but it is to no help with this project.  At what level of RAM and processors can I truely have some sort of realistic workflow.



      Any suggestions on computer specs is greatly appreciated... Thank You.  stillrendering