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    No image in capture window


      I installed CS5 about six weeks ago.  I use a JVC Mini DV player (like a VCR) via Firewire to capture video into Premiere.  This set up has worked great for years (using earlier versions of Premiere).  However, now I'm having difficutly capturing.


      Sometimes capture works fine - I pop in a tape, open the capture window, click "Play" (device control works fine) and I'm off and running.


      Howver, about half of the time, when I click "Play"...the tape plays - the timecode moves both on the player and in the capture window - but no video appears in the capture window (and there's no audio).  I just see a black screen.


      I then begin a multi-day process of opening and closing the project, rebooting, turning my mini-dv player on and off, trying different tapes, etc. As part of this ritual, I change the capture preview settings (I generally keep them set to preview audio and video during both capture and playback...but I change the settings....try again...change them back, etc.).


      This process goes on for a few days...then - magically - it works again.  I have no idea what I did (if anything), but suddenly I can see the video and all is well for a few days.  Then, the capture device goes "offline" for no reason (goes offline in Premiere...the device itself is still on)....I get it back "online" and once again I can't see video in the capture window and the process starts over.


      What the hell???

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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          Well there could be a number of causes.  Here's some random ideas for you to consider:


          1. Make sure the camera is on when you're booting your computer
          2. Try another firewire cable - sometimes that 'ole 10 year cable needs to be replaced
          3. update your graphics card driver to the latest version
          4. play with the device capture settings and see if there is a device setting that is more reliable with your JVC camera


          I hope this helps.



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            Thrill Media Level 2

            I "second" #2.  I had the same issue a while back and the FW cable was screwy.  Hope that helps.  Funny how a cable that "just sits there" in an edit suite can go south.