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    CS Review

    Jim Hines Level 1

      There are 3 text entries for Review - after clicking on the CS LIVE BUTTON - one is the cell heading "CS REVIEW" the first selectable entry says "CS REVIEW HOME" the second entry is "CREATE NEW REVIEW" -


      "Create New Review" does not do anything - at this writing - on my machine - Is it not live yet? Or ...? I don't know what question to ask - I select the sequence in the project window - for good measure I select all of the clips on the time line as well - click CS LIVE button on the menu - choose "Create New Review" - nothing happens.


      "CS Review Home" works fine - Default browser opens to the appropriate page - upload a pre encoded .flv and invite a reviewer - back and forth with comments - awesome.


      Of course your invite has to have an Adobe account to sign in - and the latest version of Flash Player (at least for the files I've encoded in Flash) but after that - pretty smooth and mostly intuitive. Might be nice if an email was sent automatically once a comment is made - in the event that the reviewer doesn't get to it for and extended period of time - but - so far so good.


      Anybody testing this feature? Different experience? Tips? - Tricks? - Gotchas?



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          I had a brief meeting with the CS Review folks late yesterday and pointed out that the instructions for how to use it in Premiere Pro were essentially absent. They agreed to get something together quickly---hopefully by Monday. I'll update this thread when I have something to point to.

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            Andy Urtu Level 1

            After I select a sequence, I click on the CS LIVE buttion I don't even get the Create New Review.  I just get "learn More"


            Like others, I can upload manually via a web browser.  Works fine.

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              Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

              Is that with 5.0.2 installed?  CS Review requires the latest update.

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                Colin Brougham Level 6



                I had the same problem, on both of my installs. CS Review (and the CS Live button) had a star on them, I'm assuming indicating that something is "new." I finally got the CS Review Home and Create New Review options to appear by doing the following:


                1. Use the Learn More option to go online to the CS Review subsite and sign in with your Adobe ID. Go to the CS Review main section.
                2. Back in Premiere, click the Sign In option at the top of the CS Live option list; sign in.
                3. Close Premiere.
                4. Restart Premiere. You should now have CS Review Home and Create New Review under the CS Review option, and there will be a new option under Window > Extension called CS Review. That's the actual review window.


                If that doesn't work, sign out under the CS Live button, and then do steps 2 and 3 again. One computer did this right away, the other I had to do several times. I don't know why. All of this might not be necessary, but it made those new options appear for me.


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                    Andy Urtu Level 1

                    Yes 5.0.2 is installed and working great.  I should have stated I have 5.0.2 installed.

                    I have just tried uninstalling Flash, and  and reinstalling to see if that would fix it.  It Fixed it!  Weid huh?  I did not reinstall Premiere.


                    CS Review now working from within PremPro.




                    On a side note  v5.0.2 is a GREAT update Will. A big thanks to you and the Premiere team.

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                      Andy Urtu Level 1

                      Thank Colin.  I had tried that, but may not in the exact order you stated.


                      After the reinstall, I finally got the little star on the CS Live button and the option to "Create New Review"   I had not seen any star before.

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                        Tom_Nel Level 1

                        A great tool. will there be an option to host content locally rather then on acrobat.com? I work for different movie studios and right now we've been using cinesync and skype for long distance collaboration however the video is stored locally on each users computer and the software syncs playback. The studios would never allow preproduction work to be uploaded to a third party server.