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    .CR2 Files not recognized by Photoshop, Bridge, or iPhoto


      I am a photographer shooting in Raw with my Canon Rebel T1i. I used to Import the images into iPhoto for editing and organization. But a few moths ago while importing the images (usually shows a preview of the photos) It just showed black... Then when i tried to edit the photos they wouldn't load. I can see the thumbnails inside of iPhoto but when I go to edit them... they wont load. So I tried to open the images using Bridge&Photoshop... I imported new images from my SD card into Bridge... the thumbnails of the images don't show up. It just shows white with  a shutter on it... and it says 'file name'.CR2


      When I double click on the images (supposed to open the image in Photoshop RAW ) Photoshop opens, looks like its about to start... then says "photoshop does not recognize this type of file."


      Im not sure what to do... I've been looking around on different forums and it looks like I may be missing a Driver or some kind of Plug-in... But i dont know how to find out what Im missing or where to get it... Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!