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    Flash CS5 Remoting




      I've been searching high and low for How To's on Flash Remoting in CS5. Anyone have any good sites that could give me the low down on this? Not even sure if Flash Remoting is the prefered method for data transfer with CS5, or perhaps something better is out there? Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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          Petro O. Bochan ACP

          Hi, first off, remoting is independent of the Creative Sweet marketing brand since it "resides" solely on the server end and it's main purpose is data (de)serialization. So regardless of CSx edition, as long as it is FP version 6+ you are good to go. Second, if yo plan to deploy remoting then this book is a must read for everyone - http://flash-remoting.tom-muck.com/. Also, remoting is built into ColdFusion (MX+) so if you plan to deploy it there then you are in business. Be more specific what you need remoting for, sometimes pure http calls will do.

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            Stephen_M Community Member

            Hi Petro,


            As far as application, I'm looking into receiving hundreds of records at initialization, and then drilling down on specific ones and updating when necessary. It's been a while since I've worked with Flash for this kind of stuff, and that was back under AS1 using just URLLoader. I'm trying to get reaquainted with where data access and manipulation has moved since then. I'm aware there are other solutions I could utilize as well: WebORB, Drupal, Falcon, or perhaps just setting up a WebServiceConnector. I'm also curious on how to set up the services for Remote Flashing on the server. Is it included with FP CS5?


            Thanks for the assistance!



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              Petro O. Bochan ACP

              All of the work is being done on the back-end, hence the CS version is of no importance. I can speak only of ColdFusion regarding setting up a service, here is the info that would get you started: http://livedocs.adobe.com/flashremoting/mx/Using_Flash_Remoting_MX/intro4.htm

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                sneakyimp Community Member

                AMFPHP is a very popular remoting solution for Flash and PHP.  PHP is cheap to acquire, quite flexible, and very popular.


                If you need sockets, I've written a socket remoting solution for PHP and Flash:



                And there's also stuff like Red 5, CRTMPD, etc.

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                  johnbarrett1 Community Member


                  I have a blog post here:


                  it uses AS3 & ColdFusion. If you have any question about how to get it set up, let me know. I only do the ColdFusion side, never used AMFPHP.