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    HTML linking to call actions or scripts


      I am trying to figure out how to create HTML links to run scripts, like the configurator 2 manual talks about. The problem is, the code they supplied makes no sense in terms of HTML.


      Photoshop. For example:


      Call a menu item “New File”


      <a href=enu item rmat to invoke features in Photoshop.er link


      Call an action


      <a href=action://photoshop.cs5/Action/My Action Set/MyActionNamehop.er linktion</a>


      Call a customized or predefined script item under “Scripts” sub-menu <a href=uadobe://photoshop.cs5/Scripts/Image Processornder hop.er linkor</a>


      Can someone elaborate, if they know, on how to get this to work properly.