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    HTML5 pack for Illustrator CS5 - what about Fireworks CS5?

    Michel Bozgounov Community Member

      I am puzzled by this Adobe action!


      They released an HTML5 pack for... Adobe Illustrator, which is a great vector app (I admit) but is much more print-oriented, than Fireworks. Yet, there is no HTML5 pack for Fireworks??


      Fireworks is an app that is almost exclusively oriented towards development for Web and screen (Illustrator can create content for Web and screen, too, of course, but it is not so strong in this area). Let me give you some arguments, that Fireworks is the best tool for Web!


      1) Fireworks is great for making layouts -- it's fast and intuitive. (Ai is complex and powerful, but not so easy to use and not so fast.)


      2) The color picking in Fireworks is excellent (grab any color instantly from anywhere, no need for making complex sets of swatches). Find-n-Replace that is unbeatable and works for colors and fonts, too.


      3) Much better gradient tools, easier to edit gradients, much more gradient choices!


      4) Fast, effective and best quality/size compression when exporting images for Web. Excellent slicing options, too. And exporting and optimizing images is twice as fast in Fw!


      5) Pages and Master Pages! Yes!


      6) Not only excellent and intuitive vector tools, but also good bitmap editing options, all in one. C'mon, today Illustrator cannot even crop imported bitmaps??


      7) Option to export as PNG8+alpha, that works also as PNG8+index -- great for making any PNG+alpha image work in IE6/7 with no problems or worarounds!


      8) Pages/Layers/States, which combined, give much better options for developing for Web. You can add interactivity, too! You can make smal animations, when needed, and export as .swf or .gif animated -- excellent options, for example, to create a cool custom AJAX loader animation, and making small animattions is a breeze in Fw.


      9) Option to instantly export any static graphic design as interactive and clickable prototype in HTML/CSS format, with almost valid code (external stylesheet, properly floated containers, option to set images to be either background or foreground type, option to easily tag elements and export them as H1-H6, P, DIV, FORM, A HREF, etc.).  You can export one page or a multi-page document, with one-click only! These are options available only in Fireworks, because it is web oriented (Ps or Ai cannot do this kind of thing, but they are print-oriented).


      There are many other arguments, but no need to dig any deeper.


      So, even if Fireworks is one of the best suited for Web tools, Ai gets an HTML5 pack?


      C'mon, Adobe...