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    HTTP Error 411 "Length Required" when I try to call a service via POST

    JoshBeall Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've got a service I want to call from within Flex, and I used the Data/Services tab to setup the new service call.  It's called "CommitChanges" and it's supposed to cause the server to commit the changes that were submitted, incrementally, during this session.  You can think of it as being like a "save" command.  It takes no arguments.


      In keeping with the suggested use of POST for operations that causes changes to data on the server, I setup this request to use POST.  However, when I try to call the service I get the following error:


      Response Received:


      Length Required

      HTTP Error 411. The request must be chunked or have a content  length.


      If I change the request type to GET it works, but I'd like to get it working with POST.