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    CS Review Panel - PPro

    BingoFriday Level 2

      I don't have one. I have the 5.02 update. I have the button on the top right with the option for creating a new review and were you sign in and out of CS Live. I have the same create a new revue option under the file menu and under Window menu/Extensions. I'm signed in to CS Live. I can use the service that is available for uploading outside of Premiere Pro. I watched the video that Terry White made and I don't have the "panel" that is demonstrated in the source monitor area. What could be the reason for this? Create a new review has .... after it. Is that right? I mean should it. I'm at my sons computer and he is a student with an academic copy - is it not available on that version?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Here's what I had to do to get mine to show up:


          1. Use the Learn More option to go online to the CS Review subsite  and sign in with your Adobe ID. Go to the CS Review main section.
          2. Back in Premiere, click the Sign In option at the top of the CS Live option list; sign in.
          3. Close Premiere.
          4. Restart  Premiere. You should now have CS Review Home and Create New Review  under the CS Review option, and there will be a new option under Window  > Extension called CS Review. That's the actual review window.



          One computer worked right away doing this; the other I had to repeat steps 2 and 3 a couple times before the options and panel appeared.


          Hope that helps.

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            BingoFriday Level 2

            Bummer still nothing. All the options are there but no "panel". Nothing happens when create new review is clicked on. I've tried it from every place - file menu - window/extension menu - CS Live menu - I've gone over your instructions several times - signed in and out of my Adobe ID and signed out of CS Live from the PPro app - I'll keep at it. Thanks for listing your procedure.

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              That's pretty much the experience I had with one of my systems. I had actually started the process two days earlier, when they finally showed up! The other system worked the first time. You might try restarting your system; there may be some sort of "phoning home" that the CS5 software has to do to link up with your Adobe ID/account.


              It's remarkably and frustratingly inconsistent...

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                BingoFriday Level 2

                Hey you know what? He doesn't have it in PhotoShop either. Maybe it does have something to do with being an Academic Version. Or

                ...... a reinstall is in order. Oy.

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                  BingoFriday Level 2

                  De-installed - clean script - Re-install - now it's working as it should.


                  Also, I had to start a new project before the panel and options appeared in the application. I had opened an existing project and was starting to sweat as none of the options where available. Tried it with a brand new project and viola'.


                  Excited to try this from the timeline - just finished a project where going the manual route via the web worked out real well - so going straight out of the timeline should be awesome.

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                    indiabarb Level 1

                    I can't even get Premiere `pro to open correctly. It keeps crashing with a kernel panic.  Anyone else having this problem???? so I can't use CS live as I can't even use the application I have paid for. I am fed up spent all day restarting my computer. I am using Mac OS 10.5.8 intel core processor.  The hard drive has no problems have checked this.