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    Trouble Syncing Offline with Online

    AKB300Media Level 1

      My desktop has been...how can I say this? Under the weather for a few weeks, and since that is the case, all of my offline story project on it are out-of-date with my online projects (which I have been working on using my laptop).


      This past week though, I got my desktop back, and now I've got another problem. I can't get the offline desktop application to sync with the online app. Basically I sat there for fifteen minutes with "Going online, Please Wait..." sitting on my screen, but nothing happened. So I uninstalled Story, and then installed it again, but to my surprise all of my offline documents were still there for some reason, and it still won't go online.


      Basically, I'm wanting to know how to get this thing to sync up. Any help is welcome.