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    I need a script that can save images in whatever directory they reside in


      I am working on a project where I have over 1500 directories that have multiple .TIF images in each one. I am looking for a solution where I can run a script (which may or may not call on actions) that allows me to save each .TIF as a .PSD and again as a .PNG (with specific optimization settings) in the same directory as the original .TIF. The main idea here is I need to be able to run the script and walk away. So I'm looking for a one press option for each directory.


      I can create an action that saves the files in the proper format but when I record the action it saves the file in "folder 1". When I run this action again on "folder 2" it saves the images in "folder 1."  I could certainly make adjustments in the "Batch" dialog box by choosing the over ride "save as" function but the goal is to not have to do that 1500 times.


      So, my question is, is there a single script out there that can save images next to the original .TIFFS regardless of what directory the reside in? I'm no scripting guru, but perhaps the code uses something with a "this" command to specify the folder to save images to? Is this even possible? If so, are there web sites I can buy this from? Is there a scripting community that can provide these services?


      Any help to point me in the right direction is much appreciated.