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    Hi, I have a question.

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      Hi! All.

      I'm doing some project using flash lite 1.1 for each tele-communication
      company, I mean Docomo, AU, Vodafone.
      My question is there is any way to free memory in flash lite 1.1 .
      Because you may already know, flash lite 1.1 has a limitation about
      memory size which is 100kb.

      So, I want to free memory but there is no delete or null command.
      Only thing that I know about this is unloadMovieClip and removeMovieClip.
      But it seems to be not worked in most mobile phone.

      The main thing that I want to do is load a swf file and free memory and
      reload other swf file.

      Until now, I couldn't make it.
      Do you have any information about this?

      Thanks for reading.

      Don in Kobe.
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          imodejon Community Member
          Don in Kobe,
          IF I am understanding you correctly...
          I'm sure that the phone will not allow you to free memory on the phone. Those functions that you are questioning protects virus's from entering the phone's HD commands. I think that users really dont understand that. They may want to save a file and download more. The phone thinks that the user should delete the swf files by themselves. If the phone deletes the swf file without letting the user know what they are doing, i think that the user would complain to the carriers for having such functions.
          I think that you should try your best to make the file under 100Kb. Its like a puzzle, isnt it?
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            Applications for Flah Lite 1.0 (DoComo) must be under 100 kb.
            for Flash Lite 1.1 may be also 300 Kb but you have to spent a lot of time on testing on different devices.
            for Flash Lite 2.0 may follow the same rules of 1.1 version but with a wide support to the external media.