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    Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue (Win 7)

    JanGeloen Level 1

      I have a copy of PS CS5 installed and i can only paste an image that i copied from before the program was started. When Ps is already started and I copy an image and try to paste it in PS it will paste the image I copied before I started the program not the one I just copied...


      It's a pretty annoying situation... not being able to copy and paste once the program is running. I have to shut it down, start it up again to paste the image I want...


      Anybody a solution?


      I work on: Win 7 ultimate 64 bit - i7 - 8 gigs ram

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Most folks have no problem copying and pasting into Photoshop, so it's not a systemic problem.  I have an 8 GB Windows 7 x64 system, for example, and don't see the problem you are describing.


          It most probably is an effect of other applications you are running.  Another application is likely locking the clipboard up and preventing Photoshop from accessing it.  In short, Photoshop is interacting badly with something else you are running.


          Try shutting down all other applications you're running, including eMail, utilities that enhance your desktop operation, etc.  You may even want to try temporarily disabling your antivirus software.


          Do you run any remote sessions with other computers (e.g., via Remote Desktop or Citrix)?


          It's a good idea to learn what is every single application, process, and service that's running on your computer, and why they're there.  This will involve looking over the lists in the Task Manager and doing some internet research.  Also, there are good freeware utilities online that can help you know what applications start when you boot up and log in, such as AutoRuns and ShellExView


          Good luck.



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I concur with Noel, this is an external application inetrfering with teh clipboard. Could even be some security stuff blocking the clipboard. Also, in case you are using OpenGL, such issues could indicate a configuration error, where the graphics card and driver are unable to deal with color space and color sampling conversions to provide acceleration...



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              JanGeloen Level 1

              Hmm, i'm pretty much aware of every single process thats running on my pc and I make shure it are only the ones I allow..


              I'll test somethings out (shutting down one bye one) and report back.

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                JanGeloen Level 1

                I'm using openGL on a ati radeon 5850  with latest drivers... Aero is running...

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                  nickpudar Level 1

                  I have been having the exact same issue!  It has been driving me nuts.  I can paste something into Photoshop CS5 only if I've copied before I open Photoshop.  I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with 6 Gig RAM.  This was a very recent clean install.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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                    nickpudar Level 1

                    I've been reading some additional posts on this topic, and saw someone mention that it works in Photoshop CS5 32 bit, but not in 64bit.  That turns out to be correct for me -- I can get the clipboard to function properly in 32bit mode, but not in 64bit mode.


                    Still hopeful that the 64bit mode issue can get resolved.



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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      As with the original poster, something else running on your system is likely locking up the clipboard.



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                        JanGeloen Level 1

                        hmmm  I tried quiting every relevant process but the problem stil persists. I then tried installing PS CS5 on another (older) laptop (also 64-bit) on a Clean Win 7 installation. Core 2 duo and 4 gigs of ram.


                        The problem is also found on this laptop ... with no extra programs running except microsoft security essentials (but it doesn't help when i shut that down)


                        So... where does that leave me?


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                          JanGeloen Level 1

                          Even when I don't use opengl the problem is there..

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                            Noel Carboni Level 8

                            I cannot begin to explain why you would see the problem on two different systems, while others (e.g., I) do not see it.  I'm not trying to marginalize your problem, but it certainly isn't seen by everyone.


                            What are you copying FROM?  Have you tried different sources?



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                              JanGeloen Level 1

                              Every source there is:



                              -Copy from internet using right-click menu

                              -using ctrl+c on any image

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                                Level 7

                                We've seen that problem reported, but never seen it ourselves.

                                Photoshop is pasting content based on what the OS says is available on the clipboard.

                                So something outside of Photoshop is preventing the clipboard from updating, or keeping stale data on the clipboard -- but we have no idea what that might be.   Other applications or utilities might be involved, or it could be an OS issue, or (less likely) a really obscure bug in Photoshop.

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                                  nickpudar Level 1

                                  The part that is confusing to me is that the clipboard works fine in 32bit, but not in 64bit. (unless the copy was done before opeing 64bit)

                                  For example:


                                  Start with Photoshop closed.

                                  Copy image A.

                                  Open Photoshop 64bit.

                                  Do a PrintScreen.

                                  Ctrl-N for new file.

                                  Ctrl-V for Paste.

                                  Image A gets pasted.

                                  Close Photoshop 64bit.

                                  Open Photoshop 32 bit.

                                  Ctrl-N, Ctrl-V,

                                  Screen Print gets pasted.

                                  Close Photoshop 32bit.

                                  Open Photoshop 64bit again.

                                  Ctrl-N, Ctrl-V,

                                  Now the Screen Print gets pasted.


                                  It seems to me that the Clipboard is not doing anything special.  Does it distinguish between 32bit applications calling for the image differently than 64bit applications?  Unless I don't understand (and I'm sure I don't) how the Clipboard works, the above sequence would lead me to believe that Photoshop 64bit is the culprit.


                                  I recently built this computer new, and the only software on it is Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, Adobe CS5, Lightroom, and Microsoft Office 2007.  I have 6 Gig of Ram, and use a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 for video.  I know others are having this issue, so this is very peculiar.


                                  Thanks for the further sleuthing...


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                                    It's not a solution to your problem, but it might be a workaround...


                                    Why don't you open the image you want to copy in Photoshop (if it is f.e. on a website, right-click and select 'save target as...', then open in PS)?

                                    You can then duplicate the (background)layer of the saved image into the document you are editing. If you save the image as a TIFF, there's no loss of quality...

                                    As I said, it's not a literal solution but combined with a droplet or action it should be quite straightforward...

                                    • 15. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                      nickpudar Level 1


                                      Thanks for the suggestion... however one of the things that I do frequently is to take a Screen Capture to the clipboard.  Unfortunately other approaches (such as Microsoft Snipping Tool) are too cumbersome and require too many steps.



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                                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                                        Not that I want you to have to live with a broken paste functionality, but consider the freeware app Irfan View for screen capture.


                                        Run Irfan View, press C, choose what you want to capture, select a function key for the capture (or a timeout), and voila.  When your window/screen is captured, it's shown in Irfan View's window and all you have to do is File - Save As.



                                        • 17. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                          JanGeloen Level 1

                                          I experience the exact same thing. To the letter... On 2 laptops.


                                          I also regularly take screenshots regularly and this way it is just impossible to work fluently. Why does it work ok 32 bit version and not on 64?


                                          Are you guys sure this isn't a PS 64 bug?


                                          I really don't want to save everything I want to paste because that kinda defeats the purpose of having a clipboard.

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                                            Noel Carboni Level 8
                                            function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                                            JanGeloen wrote:

                                            Are you guys sure this isn't a PS 64 bug?


                                            It's clearly a bug with something.  But even though you're seeing it in multiple places, please rest assured it doesn't happen for everyone using Photoshop CS5 x64.


                                            Shall we go about describing the differences between your systems (plural) and systems NOT experiencing the problem?


                                            What applications do you have installed.  What antivirus?  What programs are starting when you boot up / log in?


                                            Here's what's starting on my x64 system (courtesy Autoruns), on which the clipboard works just fine:


                                            AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0 (Adobe Updater Startup Utility)

                                            WebDriveTray (part of the WebDrive application for providing access to FTP sites via drive letters).

                                            avast5 (Avast! Antivirus)

                                            StartCCC (ATI/AMD's Catalyst 10.8 video driver control center)

                                            vmware-tray (part of the VMware Workstation virtualization application)

                                            Outlook.lnk (Outlook 2003 eMail client starts up when I log in)

                                            ShellFolderFix.lnk (a small applet called ShellFolderFix that helps position Explorer windows when first opened)

                                            Skype (audio/chat communications program)

                                            WizMouse (a small applet that directs mouse wheel events to whatever app the mouse is over)


                                            Here are my non-Microsoft shell extensions and drag/drop handlers (courtesy Autoruns and ShellExView):

                                            ACE (AMD Desktop Control Panel, part of Catalyst 10.8 video drivers)

                                            avast (Avast! Antivirus Shell Extension)

                                            CirrusShellEx (provides right-click access to the Beyond Compare 3 file comparison application)

                                            ClassicCopyExt (part of the ClassicShell application that adds enhanced dialogs to copy/move operations)

                                            Create ISO Image from directory (part of the ISO Recorder application that provides access to ISO files)

                                            TortoiseSVN (provides right-click access to Tortoise Subversion)

                                            WebDrive (manages drive letters connected by the WebDrive FTP access application)


                                            There are other things, such as services, that could be involved, but let's start by comparing your systems to these and let us know what's common between them but different from the above lists.



                                            • 19. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                              JanGeloen Level 1

                                              I'll make a list as soon as I have the time to do that.


                                              I just want to add that while PS is running an not painting any new info that is in the clipboard, MS Paint and MS Word are pasting any new info I put in the clipboard at the moment PS 64bit is running (and not pasting any new info) . So, is it fair to say that the clipboard is still accessible and not broken and it's just PS that fails to read/access it?

                                              • 20. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                nickpudar Level 1

                                                I ran Autoruns to generate this content, and I'm attaching some

                                                screen shots of what I found in the Logon and the Services Tabs.

                                                Hopefully this sheds some light for someone.

                                                (My machine has the Clipboard issue.)






                                                • 21. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                  Based on the listings above, your system is pretty loaded up with stuff, Nick.


                                                  Try disabling startup items systematically (especially the stuff common to multiple systems you use) and try the clipboard operations with Photoshop.


                                                  Typically, no one program kills performance, but the accumulation of a bunch of them - each of which seemed to have merit at the time - can result in a sluggish, loaded-up system with miscellaneous problems, such as those you're reporting here.  Try to minimize the extra stuff you have installed to just what you really need and use.



                                                  • 22. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                    JanGeloen Level 1

                                                    Here are mine. I tried turning the logon programs of but it didn't change the problem.


                                                    • 23. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                      Did you reboot after making those changes?



                                                      • 24. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                        JanGeloen Level 1

                                                        Yes I did. (ran msconfig) disabled everything at startup and the problem was still there after reboot

                                                        • 25. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                          Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                          It could actually be something that needs to be uninstalled then.  Clearly going down that path for debugging would be more involved, but it may be necessary to recover the functionality.  I know I wouldn't be able to live without Copy/Paste working.


                                                          It may seem to you as though it's a lost cause, but again I must stress that the clipboard works for most of us.



                                                          • 26. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                            David Dobish Adobe Employee

                                                            After the step when you do a print screen and you create new.  What is the image size dimensions?  Are they the size of your screen?  For example my screen resolution is 1680x1050.


                                                            If it is not the size of your screen resolution then the print screen did not copy the contents to the clipboard correctly.


                                                            Just a thought.  Not really sure what is going on.

                                                            • 27. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                              JanGeloen Level 1

                                                              It's the size of the image that was in my clipboard before I opened PS.

                                                              • 28. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                David Dobish Adobe Employee

                                                                That indicates that the print screen button did not copy the bits to the clipboard. Do you have another app that can accept the paste?  I am wondering what gets pasted in another app after you do a print screen.  If a different app does not paste the correct thing that indicates a hardware problem.  Do you have a different keyboard you could try? If it is a laptop, try plugging in a external keyboard via USB.

                                                                • 29. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                  JanGeloen Level 1

                                                                  I already explained this in the discussion, other apps can get to the clipboard information fine also while PS is running. It is not a keyboard issue. (I already tested with an external bluetooth keyboard).

                                                                  • 30. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                    nickpudar Level 1

                                                                    I have been travelling on business, and have not had a chance to participate in this discussion for a few days...


                                                                    For clarity, all applications correctly access the clipboard, including Photoshop 32 bit.  However, Photoshop 64bit can only access the last item on the clipboard before Photoshop64 bit started.


                                                                    Example: With Photoshop 64bit not opened, I copy Image A to the clipboard.  I then open Photoshop 64bit.  Because I opened Photoshop after putting Image A on the clipboard, it will correctly paste.  Then (with Photoshop still open) I copy Image B to the clipboard.  I follow that with Image C, and then Image D.  All other applications can correctly access the last item on the clipboard, while Photoshop can only still access just Image A.  Then if I close and re-open Photoshop, it will correcly access Image D (but not any subsequent items on the clipboard).


                                                                    Again, this is only an issue with the 64bit version.  Photoshop 32bit works fine with the clipboard.  I know the clipboard works for some and not for others like me.  Since those of us who are experiencing this isse all have different computer builds, I can't help but assume that there is some issue with Photoshop.



                                                                    • 31. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                      JanGeloen Level 1

                                                                      Yeah like I said before, exactly the same here. One question though have you ever installed or used/using a piece of software with the name: "Vista Flip 3D Activator" ? Or "Switcher" for that matter?

                                                                      • 32. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                                        Many things are duplicated/replicated in a 64 bit OS, to maintain 32 bit compatibility.  It's more complicated than just having "one" clipboard, for example, and so it's possible some application or piece of software could have the 64 bit clipboard tied up while the 32 bit clipboard is not.  Search for "WOW64" online to get an inkling of the complexity that's been put into Windows to handle this.


                                                                        In fact, that it works in one realm and not the other tends to point the finger at 64 bit software doing the bad deed, so if you're still looking for the culprit it may well be that you can concentrate more on the 64 bit apps.



                                                                        • 33. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                          JanGeloen Level 1

                                                                          In the new version of Microsoft Office (2010 edition), Word is 64 bit I guess? Can anyone confirm that? I see no *32 sign by the WINWORD.exe in task manager so I guess it's 64 bit?

                                                                          • 34. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                            JanGeloen Level 1

                                                                            If the new Word is a 64-bit application, I can say that the clipboard works flawless in the program.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                              Level 7

                                                                              Something I haven't seen in this discussion, and want to make sure of:  have you installed the 12.0.1 update?

                                                                              • 36. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                                diveares Level 1

                                                                                Having the same issue with Mac / Leopard.  Not confined to windows.  I seem to remember a FILE option called Open New Document from Clipboard that is now gone.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                                  JanGeloen Level 1

                                                                                  What haven't you seen?

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                                    nickpudar Level 1


                                                                                    Yes, my version is the updated one (12.0.1).  And in another similar thread to this one, others with upgraded systems are experienceing the same problem.


                                                                                    • 39. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue
                                                                                      Level 7

                                                                                      OK, if you're on 12.0.1 that rules out things we already fixed in 12.0.1.


                                                                                      So there is some remaining 64 bit specific clipboard issue that we'll need to investigate.

                                                                                      But it doesn't sound like it affects everyone, everytime - so it may take a while, or may depend on other software that we don't have installed.

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