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    trouble with socket gateway and an as3 xmlsocket connection

    rohan rehman

      I succesfully set up the socket gateway and am able to conect to the CF socket gateway and send data from flash to the gateway.


      The error I keep getting is when I add return value to the "onIncomingMessage"... cf error always logs "Cannot send outgoing message. OriginatorID "123124124" is not a valid socket id.


      I am passing the originatorID as in the docs.... my question is what is a valid originatorID?


      <cffunction name="onIncomingMessage" output="no">
      <cfargument name="CFEvent" type="struct" required="yes">


      <!--- Create a return structure that contains the message. --->
      <!--- Get the message. --->
         <cfset message="#CFEvent.Data.message#">
         <!--- Where did it come from? --->
         <cfset orig="#CFEvent.OriginatorID#">


      <cfset retValue = structNew()>
      <cfset retValue.OriginatorID = orig>
      <cfset retValue.MESSAGE = message>


      <!--- Send the return message back. --->
      <cfreturn retValue>



      I really hope I can get an answer hardly any docs or anything online on how to correctly return a message via a socket gateway.

      Thank you.