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    Is a gateway what I need?

    tclaremont Level 2

      I am using CF8 in a windows environment.


      I have a magentic stripe reader on the network at IP xxx.xx.xxx.174:1070


      When a badge is scanned, I want that information to automatically log in my SQL database. I think a Socket Gateway is what I want, so it will listen to the address in question, and allow me to capture and store the information upon a scan, but I cant find much information on the net as to how to go about this. I have gone through the exanples but apparently I am not smart enough to "get it". Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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          tclaremont Level 2

          I set up a gateway, and it says it is running, but through all of my testing I get no in or out transactions recorded.


          I used the SMS test system provided and it works, and records both in and out transactions, so something must be set up right.



          I have my gateway set up to launch a CFC that sends me an email, as a test. It never gets activated. I dont think the CFC is even getting triggered.


          I know the badge scanner is working correctly because it logs scans through a simple telnet connection and writes the scan to a text file.


          Am I on the wrong track here?

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            tclaremont Level 2

            After further research, I find the following in the socket-gateway log:


            Error attempting to listen on socket: java.net.socketException: socket closed


            This is a strange one, because the socket is clearly open when I look at it through Windows administration tools.


            I am using port 1070, and because it is over port 1000, I should not need any special permissions.


            In the CF administrator it shows the gateway instance as running, but no in and out entries get registered.


            I have stopped and restarted the gateway hundreds of times. No effect. Always the message shown above in the socket-gateway log.


            Is there a bug that I need to know about?


            CF8 on a windows environment.


            Web searches turn up nothing, so apparently nobody is using the socket gateway. Even the Adobe documentation is barely existant. Not really sure why I am posting this here, since it is obvious that nobody reads, much less responds to, queries in the Gateway section!

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              BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Only just seen this one. It should be straightforward. Is the setting in the configuration(cfg file) of your socket-gateway instance port=1070?