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    Why do my imported files or created titles always go to some random bin and not the one I want?

    Switch7 Level 1

      Everytime I import a file via right clicking > Import. It will always go to some random bin that I don't want it to. Each project it's a different bin. Even if I right click > import on the bin I want it to import into, the file will still go to some pre determined default folder. Usually one of my Footage folders a couple of layers down.


      This same thing happens when created titles. I usually have to do a search to find the files. When I used CS2 and 3 I never had this problem.


      Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way to not have it go to a pre determined default bin? Or can I change that Bin?


      Currently the only way I can get a file to go into the folder I want via importing is when I drag and drop it from my explorer window. I don't use the CS5 media browser because It doesn't have thumbnails.


      Thoughts, solutions?


      Thanks in advance.