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    Using trigonometric (sine,cosine) functions in Acrobat Scripting



      I inherited a form from a colleague and would like to make some changes in one of the output fields using a formula that includes the cosine and arcsine functions. All the scripts attached to the form fields use FornCalc but I could not find the cosine and arcsine functions in FormCalc. The manual mentions that the scripts associated to form fields can also be written in javascript and from looking online, I found that javascript has a Math.cos() and Math.asin() function. My problem is that I do not know anything about javascript programming (and very little on FormCalc and XML) and would much appreciate any help on how to write a JS script using the Math.cos and Math.asin functions. The script is associated to form field and the values used in the trig functions are global variables declared and changed elsewhere on the form using FormCalc scripts. I am using adobe acrobat 9 pro.