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    "A sharing violation occurred while accessing"

      Using Deamweaver 8 on Windows XP Pro

      "A sharing violation occurred while accessing..." And the file path. This occurs when I'm trying to save the doc to my local server at the same time I'm viewing it in a browser. Closing the browser usually stops the message but not always and sometimes I don't get the message when I have the browser open either.

      It's really annoying and I know other programmers who work with the browser open at the same time and have never seen this error. I have an apache server running with coldfusion and mysql. I read somewhere that the message occured when the IIS server said "starting.." in the services section. It was like that at one point so I uninstalled it IIS since I don't need or use it. I'm still getting the error tho. Any advice would help. Thanks!