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    Nested Menus Not Appearing in a Custom Panel Fly-out Menu

    mlavie Level 1

      I tried to create a menu for a custom panel, using the example which David Clark graciously pointed out to me:

      http://cssdk.host.adobe.com/sdk/1.0/docs/WebHelp/programmers_guide/cus tomizing_the_ui.htm


      However, the nested menu items do not appear. I only see Item 1 and Item 2 (and the separator and Item 3), but not Item 2-1. I was expecting to see Item 2-1 nested under Item 2.


      I used the menu structure provided in the example (note that there is an error in the example - one of the closing tags is incorrectly specified as "<MenuItem/>" instead of "</MenuItem>"). Below is the corrected XML and my code:


      protected function createMenu():void


         var xmlMenu:XML =
            <MenuItem Id="item_1" Label="Item 1"/>
            <MenuItem Label="Item 2">
              <MenuItem Label="Item 2-1"/>
            <MenuItem Label="---"/>
            <MenuItem Label="Item 3"/>


          CSXSInterface.instance.addEventListener(MenuClickEvent.FLYOUT_MENU_CLICK, menuClickHandler);
          var menuAdded:SyncRequestResult = CSXSInterface.getInstance().setPanelMenu(xmlMenu);
          if (SyncRequestResult.COMPLETE != menuAdded.status)
           trace("Unable to add menu");



         public function menuClickHandler(event:MenuClickEvent):void
             switch (event.menuName) //you can also use the menuId
          case "Item 1":
          trace("Item 1 has been clicked");
          trace("clicked " + event.menuName);


      I'd appreciate it if somebody could tell me what I'm doing wrong.