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    Dynamic Link from Premiere to After Effects causing 'Zoom' controls not to function...

    Drew Giggity Level 1

      I'm using Premiere Pro CS5 with a Dynamic link to an After Effects CS5 composition and I'm having some real issues with zoom control (once I'm in AE). When I run the composition 1 or 2 times the zoom function (ctrl +/-) will work, but after a few run through's it doesn't function at all. Even trying to manually change the zoom by clicking won't work. This happens EVERY time I use a dynamic link -- anyone else having this issue? (It also won't allow me to render... but I can see my comp move when I scrub through with the mouse).


      Also, when I create the same composition w/o the dynamic link everything works perfectly... (I just don't want to have to re-render it out... which is why I would like Dynamic Link to work properly).


      Here's what I'm running;

      Windows 7 Pro - 64bit

      Core i7-960

      24GB DDR3

      x2 300GB 10k RPM HD

      ATI 4790 1GB