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    No video in Premiere Elements 9




      I'm trying out Premiere Elements 9 (via the trial). I choose the correct project type for my files (DSLR formats for my Canon T2i) but, when I add the clips to my project and play them, there's no video - only sound. Even if I double-click a clip to open in its own little window, still no video - just the watermark that says Created by Premiere Elements 9.


      I've since fiddled with some options and preferences, but still no video.


      The files play okay in the Elements' media organizer and the 'snapshot' image of the clip appears in Elements - just no video playback. My files run fine in other video editors - even Windows Media Player.


      My computer:


      Dell Inspiron 15r, Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM

      Windows 7 64-bit (Elements installed as x86)

      Video card: Intel HD Graphics chip


      Thanks for any help on this.