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      • 40. Re: CS5 crashes when Inserting pages.
        martienyland Level 1

        So this is a new bug. Thats fine, because I hav to finish this book within a few days...

        My document has one single column and facing pages.

        I cannot delete (or move) an empty spread from/within the document!

        Thank you anyhow.

        Adobe: pleas send a solution!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Is it just this one file, or does it happen to you in all files you create? For a single, see Remove minor corruption by exporting

          • 42. Re: CS5 crashes when Inserting pages.
            KVL_NY Level 1

            I'm the original poster on this bug.


            I have to say it is still happening with me, and it's on different documents.



            I wish Adobe would read this post and investigate it.  It's clearly not an isolated issue or user originated problem.




            I've already sent my bug request to Adobe and haven't heard anything.




            Just to update the thread, that I still have these issues, and it's forcing me more and more back to CS4 for multi-page documents.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I had this issue too earlier.


              One work around was to go to File>Document setup and you can put in the amount of pages you want. if you already have 8 pages, there's a place in the document setup that says "8" change that to whatever you want.


              However, this only worked on one document.


              I then had it happen again. But the above trick didn't work. So I had to export to IDML, and then I was able to add pages.


              But then again, the above too suggestions didn't work. So I had to cut all the text out of the frames, then add the pages and carry on.



              There's something weird going on and I haven't had to time to stop and investigate.

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                Jeremy bowmangraphics Level 2

                I'm one of the few guys on the planet who, as soon as he discovered this bug, punched the air with glee and shouted "yippee!"


                That's because I was testing a script which placed XML with autoflow (into a 3-column layout) and over and over again InDesign was doing its infuriating disappearing act. As a mediocre scripter, I assumed my script was acting the goat. But in fact the script was (and still is) working very well, thank you very much!

                • 45. Re: CS5 crashes when Inserting pages.
                  martienyland Level 1

                  I just found a solution for my problem.

                  Export ID-file as IDML; then open this file and safe it as a (new) ID-file; now I managed to delete the (empty) spread from the file.

                  Thanks al of you for your reactions.

                  Seems to be a nasty bug in CS!

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                    Ketrinz Level 1

                    I think this is a really diverse problem. Glad you found a solution. CS5 is really behaving for me now which is wonderful. Have you upgraded to 7.0.2. I think it fixes a few weird things. I have not had any problems of inserting pages since the initial scenario. I thought it was locked items on the master page that caused my problem. Changing to an IDML format didn't work for me, but it was my first call, because I was using an old CS4 document. I tried a lot of things but I think this is what actually worked. I have found since that the answer could be in the Pages Panel. Check your Pages Panel submenu and make sure Allow Document Pages to Shuffle is checked and try to insert pages again. Mine defaulted to unchecked, making all of the pages add to the spread which of course InDesign doesn't like. Good luck

                    • 47. Re: CS5 crashes when Inserting pages.
                      Jeremy bowmangraphics Level 2

                      My own experience of exporting to IDML involved loss of closing XML

                      tags, by doing some sort of switcheroo with index tags.


                      It would be kind of decent if an Adobe employee said something here,

                      wouldn't it?

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                        michael northcutt Level 1

                        Joining thread here.



                        Last week I was experiencing this same issue. I have a document which crashed 100% of the time when applying a new master to various pages. The crash was repeatable and predictable. Then late in the day I had a hardware failure (video card failed). So I bought a newer technology video card for my Mac Pro over the weekend. Guess what? My Indesign file now functions fine, I've been working on the same "troublesome doc" all day without a single hitch. My theory is that hyperthreading and GPU sharing has something to do with this bug.


                        Also, in my case, I sent my troublesome doc to a friend who was able to apply new masters to pages without crashing so the issue was definitely local for me. If someone has extra video cards and wants to try this we may get to the bottom of it. It may be that you need a very modern system with OpenCL GPU hyperthreading to avoid this bug.



                        My system:

                        Win 7 on Mac Pro 2008 (bootcamp), 12GB ram, ATI 4870 card (new), (was using 8800 GT), Adobe CS5.

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                          michael northcutt Level 1

                          I'm posting a follow up here. I have concluded now after working about 20 hours in InDesign (CS5) on the same document as before without any crashes  since updating my graphics card that this issue for me was definitively related to the GPU sharing. A faster better graphics card seems to improve CS5 performance. This was reiterated to me by the professional Mac consultant who installed my card. After I explained the crashes had stopped he wrote:

                          "It's logical that CS5 is running better as that's configured work with the card installed."


                          Btw - the "exporting as IDML" work around mentioned above also worked for me last week with my old card but it didn't solve the longer term issue or allow me to work with my original file.



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                            KVL_NY Level 1

                            Are you on a Mac?  What sort of Graphics Card did you install?

                            • 51. Re: CS5 crashes when Inserting pages.
                              michael northcutt Level 1

                              My system:

                              Win 7 on Mac Pro 2008 (bootcamp), 12GB ram, ATI 4870 card (currently istalled), (was using an 8800 GT), Adobe CS5.


                              Note: my 8800GT ended up completely failing. Prior to its failure I was experiencing A LOT of Indesign crashes. So not sure if in general the 8800GT has limitations with my system/CS5, or if it was just my bad card.  The new ATI 4870 in my machine is working great with CS5.

                              • 52. Re: CS5 crashes when Inserting pages.
                                pbear* Level 1

                                I had the same crashing adding a page on a file that was probably CS2 before it was CS3, 4 or 5. Tried exporting to IDML to no avail.


                                Problem solved when I removed the 8 columns from the master page and put in guides. My gratitude to the one who found the workaround!


                                specs: InDesign CS5 7.0.2 on MacBook Pro 17" (early 2009) running Mac OS X 10.5.8

                                • 53. Re: CS5 crashes when Inserting pages.
                                  ceilr Level 1

                                  Thanks, everyone.  I had a duh moment, trying to move two pages between two in a spread!  That might have had something to do with my crash, but I did the IDML bit, and all is well.    

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